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Because who doesn’t need a quote like this to start out your week?

This quote is so profound to me, and even more profound after learning a bit about Viktor Frankl. The Holocaust survivor was a psychologist who studied Existential Therapy as a way to find meaning in every form of existence. My brain cannot even fathom what enduring the Holocaust could have been like. And to be able to find meaning and frame the experience in a positive light? Wow…just wow.

This quote came fromĀ this awesome book that I’ve been reading. It has been quite an eye opener for me, and has really changed the questions I ask myself. A highly recommended read if you feel like doing some deep soul searching!

I think I’ll make this a weekly thing, start each Monday out with a quote. Call it way to be intentional, maybe.

I will call it a way to waste hours in Photoshop.

Have a great week!

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  1. Love you, Allie!

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