In my 5+ hours of school reading last night, I came across this lovely, little thought.

It makes my heart feel warm and mushy. And it affirms the fact that cultivating and nourishing friendships, and continually loving others ain’t never gonna be a bad thang.

Have you heard of Maslow? He developed a theory surrounding the hierarchy of human needs and published the paper in 1943. Sixty-nine years later, this stuff is still totally understandable and applicable to real life.

I have this thing for psychological research and theories. I cannot read enough research papers on things like human joy and fulfillment. I absolutely revel in understanding just a teensy bit more of what goes on in these ridiculously complex brains of ours. Maybe that’s why I love this lady so much.

Yesterday, I had my first PSL (pumpkin spice latte, if you’re not in the club) of the season. On ice. I’m pretty sure that’s considered sacrilege, but it was 85 degrees out. Just like Maslow’s quote, it also made my heart feel warm and mushy.  I’m telling you this because a double warm and mushy heart is the perfect thing to go love on other people with. Make a PSL date and nourish those friendships. Stat.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

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