It’s simple. Even, obvious. But how often do we forget these seven little words? In my case, too often.

Every week I try to find some words that resonate with me. And through reading, friendly discussions, or my many, many hours spent in Pinterest something always seems to tug on those heart strings. Nearly always, something makes perfect sense with my current situation. I think the universe likes to be sneaky like that, and once and awhile we are conscious enough to understand why a certain message is being replayed to us over and over.

This week? Nothing. I was far too deep in my own perfect storm of emotion to pay any mind to what Ms. Universe was telling me. I was in a funk. I blame it on being busy, and forgetting to read, and forgetting to be intentional. It is so easy to do.

But that’s why we start our week with some words right? Yes, I’ve fallen once again into a mini-pit of self pity. But I’ll get up one more time, crack some bad jokes to you guys, and go on my merry way.

Nothing like a little good energy to do just that. Check out my interview from the lovely ladies at the Denver Handmade Alliance. Feeling so wonderfully blessed, thanks everyone for the great comments!

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  1. I second the funk. Ready to be done with it.

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