When I was between the ages of 19 and 23 I fell in love with cooking. I tried new recipes, experimented with exotic ingredients, and I made everything extra decadent. The cheesier the better was my motto back then. I also acquired some lovely love handles that would be my nemesis for those four years.

Then I moved to Portland, was handed down a sewing machine, and soon I was betraying my love of cooking for playing with scraps of fabric. Those love handles mostly disappeared. Thank you lord.

Grad school came around, and I’ve now found zero time to spend on cooking which has created some bad habits. Like walking to the local grocery store and picking up packaged sushi on a nightly basis.

Tonight, I was looking through my Pinterest food board, and saw the lettuce wraps I pinned so long ago. My world has been rocked. I (with the help of a certain fella) can cook! I suggest you make these pronto, your love handles will thank you


I’ve also discovered a food blog I can appreciate. This girl gives me goosebumps…like…every.single.post.

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