My favorite part about Pinterest is looking at what I’ve pinned over the months, and realizing how specific my taste is for certain things. For instance, I have more flouncy knee length skirts pinned on my fashion board than I care to admit. And my “DIY Home” board is almost entirely made up of projects that incorporate wood. Little wooden buttons, large birch trunk candle holders…a tree trunk colored pencil holder (obviously).

In short, I have a thing for wood accents. I love white washed walls and modern interiors, but I need an element of natural in there. And of late, I’m all about birch.

Check out my favorites:

I figure these can’t be that hard to make. In fact, its on the top of my dad’s list of things to teach me this summer. (shhh…he doesn’t know yet).


Those beams! That track lighting! Those nano (nana?) doors!


One teeny, tiny wooden lamp. And air plants. Sigh.


Industrial shelving, white washed walls, and strategically placed pops of color. Me likey.


Love that bench at the end of the bed. Anybody know what kind of wood that might be?


Houzz had a great “Woods and Whites” diddy. Check it.


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  1. Love those airplants. Do you think they’re on strings? Also, I’m first in line to take one of those vase/tree things. Imagine one of those with moss in it like my rocks from xmas. Super cool. Put me down for two once you figure what you’ll charge.

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