I spent a grand total of 8 or so hours yesterday frantically sewing up my entry for the VintageModern Design Challenge. Mind you, in that time, I did six loads of laundry, walked to get Froyo, walked back to get groceries and bathed one very muddy Beagle. You could say I was…umm…less than enthused about this project. But it’s done, and I’ve think I’ve gotten more satisfaction checking “Make Vintage Dress” off my to-do list than actually completing the project. So it goes.

If you remember, I had great visions to update this retro pattern.


That pattern, turned out to be just a tad bit frustrating. After many, many adjustments and about a half yard of fabric taken in, I came up with this.

I’m not thrilled, but it’ll do. I didn’t press my seams, sorry Mom.

I added some vintage table cloth material for the pocket and neck facing. A little vintage makes everything better.

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  1. Turned out super cute!!

  2. AMAZING! Very well done. A+

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