Life is so hard. I have huge quantities of fabric and low quantities of motivation. What a conundrum. A total first world problem.

What’s worse is I’m well aware this problem will multiply if not handled in a timely manner. Soon, fabric is going to be stacked to the ceiling and will occupy the bathtub. It’ll cover the ground until no sign of carpet is visible and I’ll be sleeping in a tiny vacant corner. Soon, I’ll be crazily yelling at my family that I don’t have a problem, and that my fabric infested house and I are just fine!

My name is Allie, and I am a fabric hoarder.

Despite an obvious problem, I am continually hunting for fabric at the thrift stores. And about a month ago, I really lucked out.

This geometric print is a breezy polyester/silk type blend, says my mama. The combination of orange and purple look somewhat vintage, and it smelled old. But so does everything at the thrift store. Still, I’m betting this print was made into an awesome 70’s women’s blouse with the neck ties and all.

After perusing my new favorite blog, I stumbled upon this awesome pattern by Grainline Studios. I immediately used Oh Sweet Joy!’s discount code and purchased it, and it was in my inbox not long after.

And then you know what I did? The next day I took that vintage silkyish material and I whipped up that tiny pocket tank, sans pocket, in no time flat. Yep, that’s what I did. You betcha.

Photo credit: one adorable, little mama Olson. Thank you!!

Besides a few printing snafus, which were entirely my fault for not reading the directions before printing the pattern, this sucker was a breeze to make. And except for one rather violent button pushing, due to a machinery malfunction, my frustration levels on this project were nonexistent. Next time I’ll sew the size 2, but this pattern is definitely a keeper.

Secondhand fabric made into a brand new piece of clothing? This year of nothing new is the bee’s knees. Too much fun friends. Too much fun.

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  1. I LOVE IT!!

  2. shut UP! love the contrasting bias tape & the little pleat. and that button? dying! well done, lady!

  3. This looks fantastic on you!!

  4. So, so cute!

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