I arrived back in Boulder last night after nine long hours in the car. Those were nine long hours driving through windswept Wyoming, worrying about a shaking beagle next to me.

And ever since my mind is one big flashing cursor, waiting for its operator to make the next move, to type the next command. Yet, there’s nothing. Just that constant, steady, ever-blinking line.

I can’t decide where to go, what to eat, what task to check off my lengthy list next.

Do you ever have days like this? Where you lack, not motivation, but direction? Days where sitting in your bed continuously checking Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram is easier than returning emails.

WHY is life so weird?

Days like this rarely last long. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll wake up ready to take on the world. But today, I’d rather look at your Instagram pics. Over and over again.

Please post some new, freshly-filtered photos. Stat.

So, in turn, you get pictures of shoes I thrifted over a month ago. When I get my butt out of bed, maybe I’ll put together an outfit highlighting these beauties. Maybe.

Cowboy boots found at the Vintage Whites Market. Twelve dollars got me some perfectly scuffed cowboy boots for a multitude of fall outfits. Giddyup.

Found a pair of perfectly fitting 80’s low-heel, open-toed pumps. Check out the side detail. All for $3.

Tomorrow is a new day.

With new shoes.


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  1. I want to see the outfit with the 80s pumps!!

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