Every time I go to the thrift store I look for fabric. Every single time. I’ve found fabric worth buying twice. Twice in at least 100 thrift store trips. Those odds aren’t very good in case you can’t do math like me.

But some days, you arrive at the thrift store just hours before somebody has decided to liquidate their sewing stash. Those are the days where prudent buying decisions are your nemesis. If you see yards and yards of fabric that you potentially, on a whim, if the stars align just right might use? Buy it. Don’t let it linger on the shelf, because after one stroll around the store it could be gone.

Let’s just say, it has happened. Luckily, my latest trip to the thrift store resulted in a big win of megaball jackpot proportions. Basically I can quit school now and just sew all day long.


First, the awesome teal flowy fabric. I don’t know the specific kind of fabric, but it’s drapey and flowy and pretty much the exact opposite of cotton. And there’s about three yards, maybe four, here. For $2.99.

That teal fabric has big potential, and I’ve been racking my brain, and pinning myself to death over what it may become. Here are some options:

I absolutely love that tied back tank. I know it’s, like, 30 degrees out and I can’t layer with that all that back detail going on. But I’m still obsessed. Sue me.

Next up. At least two yards of this white and red striped cotton. With the most adorable ribs running through the whole thing. Also for $2.99.

The minute I saw this fabric I thought – table cloth! Since I just learned how to sew a rolled hem on my serger, it seemed like a no brainer. I think wearing this fabric would be a little too candy-striper for me. I’m considering tea-staining this beauty for a look more like this:


Have you thrifted any fabric lately?  You’ll be happy to know that Sew Thrifted is returning on Thursday. I bet you had given up hope. Have faith in me friends. I shall not disappoint you.


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  1. You’ve convinced me to start seeking and buying the fabric. I usually overlook it, but not any more. And you have to teach me the rolled hem on the serger trick :) Pretty please. And that striped fabric above? I thought “table cloth” immediately, too. BTW, you are awesome and I continue to love your blog. XOX

  2. Dude. I have dress #2. If you need to look at the construction over the holidays, just let me know .

  3. While I didn’t exactly buy fabric yesterday, I did buy something to make a stocking :) A few weeks ago, I picked up an old beaver fur stole in great shape. I planned to make it into a cuff for a stocking for my new niece. Yesterday, I picked up a full length red wool coat. I plan to use the red wool (which is in nice big panels) for the stocking, and I plan to reuse the lining of the coat for the lining of my stocking. I picked it up for $11, and almost all of the wool will be usable for holiday crafts. I may even make a pair of mittens or two :)

  4. You’ve got an eye that I just don’t have in thrift stores! Good finds!

  5. Total score! What a great find Allie! Can’t wait to see what you cook up

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  6. Love dress #1! The striped fabric would be great tea-dyed. Show us how you do it!

  7. Dress #2 is adorable! I’ve found good luck not always in yards of thrift store fabric, but in the linens section. It is normally in large pieces, sometimes with a blemish or tear on the edges, but that’s what makes it super cheap! And fits with a year of nothing new….
    Love your blog!

    • Thanks Breana! I agree linens are a great source of yardage. There might be something in the works for Thursday that features thrifted linens :)

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