I know it’s not Thursday. Please don’t judge me. I was too excited to show you this fun before and after, and four days is just too long too wait. Especially when you’re calendar is completely empty for those four days, and total boredom has completely set in. Then I remind my self of this little saying (so true, right?).

You know that great new trouser jean trend that looks like this, this, and this? Yes, I’ve been coveting that trend; obsessing over those high-waisted, shoe-covering pantelones for quite some time. Trouser jeans have been at the top of my to-make list for at least three months. And even though this trend will probably end tomorrow, I will still be wearing these trouser jeans for years. They fit that great.

I picked up a size 8 New York brand trouser jeans from the thrift store for $2.39. Seriously, a steal. And I’m pretty sure that those puppies had never been worn before. I will never understand thrift store pricing.

They make my feet disappear perfectly. And they have this great white stitching to accentuate the pockets. They’ve got that whole classy look thing going on. And I need all the class I can get.

But they were a couple sizes too large (in the waist and in the thighs). Nothing a simple tailoring job couldn’t fix.

I would love to give you a whole tutorial on how I resized these jeans into the most perfect fitting pair of pants I own. But I would be a liar, a plagiarizer, and my newfound classiness would almost certainly disappear…just like my feet.

No instead of being all original and creative and stuff, I used Cotton and Curls tutorials (here and here) to get the perfect fit for these jeans. That girl knows what’s up. Look at her DIY page. My goodness.

I’m excited to say that this entire outfit (well, except for my undies) is thrifted! My first ever entirely thrifted outfit that wasn’t a Halloween costume!

That red button up is a vintage, breezy find that will pair well with most things in my closet. And that white, chunky necklace (with little gold beads you can’t see) brightens my day every time I put it on.

And guess what shoes I’m wearing!

No seriously, guess…

Here it comes…

My 80’s open toed pumps! These shoes have the perfect heel height for a pair of trouser jeans. And even though no one can see them, I feel pretty snazzy walking around in such awesome, vintage shoes.

Assembling an outfit that is 100% secondhand is such a confidence builder. There were moments where I had visions of me living in bad, elastic-waist pants and hoodies for the next year. Thank goodness for boredom filled days and a mile long to-make list. Embrace the boredom, go thrift, and make yourself a new outfit. You’ll feel like a new, classier woman.