Today is so wonderfully random. It’s a busy day, packed with fun activities with awesome people. Lots of great energy in Boulder today. Maybe it’s because it’s FINALLY raining.

My sweet, oldest sister forwarded me this link yesterday. Yes, you have to read it. Why? Because the article has a big “I told you so” written all over it. My mom was right. Thread does go bad. Contrary to my ramblings in this post, thread does have a shelf life. All those baby spools that were passed on to me are most likely far, far past their expiration date. I’m still going to do the knot test on every single one of them. And if they are expired? Well, I have the perfect little mason jar to display them.

My wonderful friend, Jen, forwarded me the most awesome YouTube video today. It really illustrates my life perfectly. Except for the whole gangsta thing. (Mom, this is rap video with some foul language. Don’t watch.)

$50 for tshirt?! I can totally relate Macklemore. Totally relate.

Stay tuned for more thrifted goodness. There’s an onslaught of fall outfits that I just cannot wait to show you!

About a week after I began my year of nothing new I had a small panic attack. I had enthusiastically undertaken this project knowing that I would have to get to make most of my clothes for the coming year. I was giddy to get started on my merry way, thrifting fabric and repurposing my current wardrobe.

That is until I realized that sewing always requires thread, and sometimes things like zippers and elastic.

Like I said, panic ensued. Without much research, I hastily decided that my project was doomed. I pictured me wearing my last year’s styles (god forbid) and holey jeans, all because I ran out of thread, and there was no way I was going to find that used.

I’m so happy to say I was every so wrong. My favorite shopping locales pulled through for me. Just in time to avoid a theoretical throwing-in-of-the-towel. I never said I’m not a quitter.

I present to you my haul. From one thrift store trip.

Yes folks, that would be ten zippers. Most were 50 cents, some were 25 cents. Some are metal vintage zippers and some are polyester. All of them are pure thrifted goodness.

Colors/types from left to right: grey metal, two yellow polyester, 2 white metal, 1 white polyester, 1 mint metal, 1 mint polyester, 1 orange metal, 1 cranberry polyester.

The mint polyester zipper has already been put to use in a project I am absolutely dying to show you.

The grey zipper was manufactured in 1955, and had these great graphics on the back. I am now constantly thinking about how I can incorporate zippers into sleeves. It will happen.

My mom actually gave me this vintage thread she had lying around because it was old and “not good anymore”. Apparently thread goes bad? I tugged on a strand and it seemed fine to me. I’ll take it. Besides, mini spools are heartbreakingly adorable.

Next up, snap fasteners. After looking at this pictures, I’m not sure these are the two sided snaps I presumed. Oops.

And finally, some hook and loop enclosures for dresses or skirts. I’ve never actually sewed with these, but I do realize they require hand sewing. Hand sewing is not one of my talents. Hence, these may never get used. I’m okay with that.

This last month has renewed my hope that beyond sewing supplies, almost anything can be obtained second hand. What’s more, the process of finding and acquiring the most random items is actually totally fun, and allows you to appreciate some of the craftsmanship and vintage graphics from yesteryear. While I’m aware that after six or nine months, the convenience of buying new and quickly will be enticing and totally tempting. But right now it completely turns me off. I’m okay with that too.