Remember when I showed you this before pic? I mean, really, how could you forget? Am I haunting your dreams with that face? I thought so.

When I subjected you to such horror before, I was posting about my newly skinnified Banana Republic jeans. But what I really wanted to show you was a very shapeless, thrifted sweater in a color we can only call citron. It’s the lemony-est yellow I’ve ever seen, so it gets a special name.

Citron was a men’s medium and much too boxy. So I decided to take the sides and arms in, so the darn thing would actually fit me. Now, I’m not calling this post a tutorial, because I didn’t take any pictures of the process. But I will show you a fun little diagram for laughs.

Starting in the armpit, I sewed the blue dotted line to the bottom of the sweater. Then I sewed from the armpit down the arm to the cuff. Do this to both sides. I cut the excess fabric after sewing.

I have to say that I’m pretty smitten with my new citron sweater.

It’s even better under a blazer. But really, what isn’t? Blazers are the best.

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So I know this post is a day late. But I have a good excuse. A sad, yet legitimate excuse.

I spilled tea all over my little MacBook’s keyboard. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Annnddd, I haven’t backed up my computer in over 250 days. Cue instant anxiety.

It seems to have survived. But that doesn’t make me feel any better. Lately, MacBook has been sending me signals that it’s on the verge of kicking the bucket. It’s so painfully slow to open my internet browser. And when Photoshop is running, forget about doing anything else on the computer at all. I can’t be sad though. Goodness knows I’ve put it through enough misery these past four years.

After this post is up, today will be spent finding an external hard drive on Craigslist. The idea of losing all that music and all of those pictures is terrifying. But, for now, blogging is more important. I mean, it’s way more important for me to show you this before and after of a project I completed back in mid-July at Sew Weekend.

Disclaimer: The photos below are full of frizzy, messy curls and weird facial expressions. At least we can say that things have improved, no?

This was one oversized, shapeless grey sweater. Complete with awesome shoulder pads. It literally made me look like a linebacker. But it was a cozy wool and angora blend, that, yet again, I machined washed without a hitch! I love living on the edge.

As much as I love looking like I have the shoulders wider than a five year old, those puppies had to go.

By snipping off the shoulder pads and bringing in the sides and arms of the sweater, I now have a comfy winter sweater perfect for lounging and eating popcorn.

Has anyone else been consuming copious amounts of popcorn lately?

Now, I’m on the hunt for an external hard drive and a new (used) computer that can handle my abuse. Wish me luck!