Sometimes you get a great idea for a post, have a couple sleepless nights about it, and then decide one Saturday afternoon to just start taking pictures of yourself in the driveway.  Sometimes the sweetest mailman in the world pulls up and asks you, “Just exactly, what are you doing?” Sometimes you have to be vague and just say, “Just taking some pictures.” And then walk away.

Yep, just taking some pictures, of myself, in front of a garage door, on a Saturday afternoon. I’m not even sad about this. Actually, I’m pretty darn giddy.

Four button up shirts. All thrifted. Nine ways to wear a button-up shirt. Amen.

The starring roles:

  • A chambray from the 70’s with a great casual fit.
  • A red and black plaid that I resized here.
  • A yellow and rust plaid that was obviously western-wear from yesteryear.
  • A kelly green silk Nordstrom Blouse, mentioned here.

Now, let’s take this step by step. We’ll start in the upper left hand corner. Pay attention.

1. Tied and tucked with a high-waisted skirt. By far my favorite thing to wear this fall. Just button the shirt down to the waist of the skirt, tie the tails and tuck them under the bottom. Comfy and cute.

2. Untucked, under a sweater. Preppy and classic. But since I’m almost always hot, I can only wear this style on the coldest day of the year. Still, I love this look.

3. Tied and tucked, over a summer dress. No buttoning needed and a great way to transition a summer dress into fall.

4. Casual, as a cardigan. Super laid-back and still put together.

5. Tucked into a pencil skirt. This is likely the last time you’ll see me in heels.

6. Tied and tucked with a maxi skirt. Similar to #2, but an entirely different look.

7. The sloppy tuck. I’m still trying to perfect this. I can’t seem to get the right amount of refined slob. Such is life.

8. Unbuttoned with leggings. Because it’s still important to look cute while cleaning your toilets.

9. Tucked into shorts with a substantial belt. Because sometimes its hard to choose between pant legs and sleeves.

The reason I’m most excited about this post? I get to show the nine ways to wear a button-up to my sewing class tomorrow! Since I’m teaching the students to resize a button-up shirt, I thought a little inspiration might keep them committed to sewing at home.

T-minus 15 hours until the class starts! I am stoked.