I entered my mid to late twenties last week. My back hurt when I woke up today and I have found more than one grey hair in the last six months. My middle aged classmates call me a baby, but I swear I feel older than last year. I caught myself saying that I’d like to go back to the age of 5 and relive life. I think I’m having a mid-life crisis.

Moving on. My best friend sent me some awesome brightly colored Navajo wool for my special day. I swear this girl knows me too well. Bright colors? Check. Something unfinished, so I can put my own touch on it? Check. She’s amazing. That’s why she’s my best friend.

I love this fabric so much that I have taken it out of its box at least once per day to admire it. I cannot wait to sew with it, yet I’m terrified of ruining it. I have a track record of ruining things. Working on that.

Currently an over the shoulder purse, with a long strap is taking the lead. But, I want to enjoy this fabric for a lifetime, and I wonder if a purse might be too trendy?



A covered pillow is a close runner up. And I am almost positive I can’t screw that up.


What do you think? How is your week? Are you having a mid-life crisis?

Signing off now.