This post was sponsored by Minted.

Hola lovely readers. How’s your love day hangover treating you? The day following a lovey, dovey holiday is always sort of a downer, no? It’s cloudy in Boulder, I’ve got a to-do list about a mile long, and it’s no longer appropriate to give affection away freely. Such first world problems.

I’ve been busy as a bee for the past month or so. I’m enjoying being back in the sewing-instructor saddle, and working on some potential patterns that are taking up way too much time. And I’m okay with that. I’m starting a business endeavor with an MBA friend that I can tell you about soon! (Very, very soon!). Things are good, but a little reminder to stay focused and compassionate never hurts. And I’ve been missing that for a few months.

If you’re a Pinterest follower, you’re probably well aware that I’m a total sucker for a styled inspirational quote. A little piece of word inspiration goes a long way when you’re feeling down, unmotivated, or just less than stellar. So to help me stay focused and positive, I’m totally following the Minted Wall Art trend and ordering some awesome art prints to adorn my walls.

I have my eye on these two sweet little sayings, found here and here. What I love most about Minted is that you can order the prints with super modern frames. All of my current wall decor is framed in simple black frames, so Minted frames match perfectly.


And when you didn’t think it could get better…it did. Have you seen the new Minted + West Elm Collaboration? Total swoon.


My sister ordered her entire wedding suite (save the dates, wedding invites, and thank you cards) from Minted and has nothing but stellar things to say about their customer service! In fact, when she’s bored she confessed to me that she often peruses the Design Challenge page and votes on new designs. A totally productive time suck, in my opinion.

I’m off to keep the wheels rolling on all my different projects. Have a wonderful weekend!


My task list in my Google calendar is overflowing with little things I need to remember and huge projects I hope to one day complete. The tasks range from school related chores to blog redesign dreams, each task of varying time commitments and priority levels. While the tasks are ever changing, one thing has remained constant; “Design Fabric Print” has been accompanied by an empty check box for going on six months now. Something has got to change.

I received a gift card from a family member to create my own print at a now, very defunct website. But lately, I’ve been hearing so much about Spoonflower, that I decided to create my print anyway.

While I was in South America on Lake Titicaca, I snapped a few shots of the rippling water that reminded me so much of being at my cabin. The sight and sound of calm waters gets me every time and let me tell you, there is nothing like a lake to calm traveling nerves and maybe even parasite belly (a story for another time).

I played with those shots in Photoshop today, bumped up the contrast and tweaked the colors to come up with something that I can say I actually like. It almost looks painted to me (or…god forbid…an animal print, I can’t tell which). I can imagine this fabric on the inside of a little zippered pouch. I have to admit though, I have a hard time seeing a future beyond a lining for this guy. It doesn’t seem to fit for upholstery and isn’t something I’d wear.

My 8″ by 8″ swatch should arrive within a couple of weeks. A complete review of Spoonflower will accompany pictures of the printed fabric.

In the mean time…one more thing crossed off!

This weekend was deemed a “stay-at-home, be productive, and basically regroup” weekend. Eighty to ninety hour school weeks have made me…a little less than pleasant to be around. Some alone time was much needed.

I scored below average on the “be productive and regroup” part. But I scored above average, and some might even say excellent, at the stay at home part. Being a natural recluse played no part in this whatsoever.

I attempted to sew a dress and failed miserably. I designed a modern, felt legal pad folder for upcoming interviews that looked like a five year old was behind the sewing machine. (FYI: ripping seams out of felt is something I will now have nightmares about). And…I assembled my new screen printing table (finally, success!!).

But most importantly, I thrifted.

A local thrift shop was having a bag sale, where everything you could fit into one bag was $5. Obviously, there wasn’t a question about whether I would attend. I didn’t have any sort of project in mind for this thrifting adventure, which is usually results in a full on shopping spree, or a disappointing empty-handed trip home. This trip, I scored big.

Usually, I just browse the clothing racks. Yesterday, I left no stone unturned. Seriously, I think I was in the store for almost two full hours.

I picked up these beauties from the donated cards bucket. At .49 a piece I couldn’t pass them up. They’re brand new in the plastic! The designer is Sanna Annukka…my new favorite printer.

This one, especially, made me a little emotional. Reminds me so much of my cabin. We have a big Ponderosa Pine that sits on the point of our beach. This whole scene is a folksy little rendition of my childhood.

And it comes in a colored print!

I may have squealed a little when I saw this duo. I have a special place in my heart for ferns. My Nana’s name is Fern, and ferns line the perimeter of my grandparents’ cabin. At this point, I was near tears.

And this one, I thought was just adorable. I can’t wait for one of my friends to get sick.

This thrifting adventure was not without some store drama, of course. An attempted theft (of a $5 bag of goodies), made for a humorous addition to my afternoon.

Three pieces of clothing were also purchased, but are currently sitting (probably mildewing) in my washing machine. I should take care of that. They are all perfect as-is (no Big Love frocks this time), and you will certainly see them in a separate post.

Lately, this strange thing has been happening to me. I’ve been thinking in colors instead of words, prints and patterns flutter in and out of my mind, and I’ve scribbled a to-create list longer than there are hours in the day.

In short, I’m inspired…and I don’t want it to stop. I blame Pinterest.

A few of my favorites this week:

Such simple, beautiful prints from Jenny Pennywood.


So refreshing to see a living room that actually looks lived in…because in the heat of July, my gloves will still be sitting on that rattan ottoman.


 House plants that don’t gross me out. Lovely.