First of all…thanks! Thank you, all 100 of you, who filled out my automatic pin remover survey. Your feedback is invaluable and it’s clear that, well, nobody wants an automatic pin remover. I’m not sad. Actually I’m rather excited to focus on another new business venture. One that involves a 1965 Cardinal camper trailer. And music festivals. The next six months are going to be rad, folks.

1965 Cardinal camper trailer

I’ve also chosen a winner of the Tiny Pocket Tank giveaway and her name is Amanda. She’ll be receiving a Tiny Pocket Tank in the coming weeks. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see photos.

Speaking of festivals, if you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably thought I’ve gone a bit batty. I’ve been pinning fashion that does not entail stripes and neutrals and classics. I’ve been pinning some weird stuff. I’ve fallen in love with festival fashion.

Festival fashion

What I love most about festival fashion is that it’s entirely functional. Festivals are usually hot and dirty and require lots of dancing. Flowy skirts, lots of layers, and comfortable shoes are a must. What’s even better? Thrift stores are the perfect place to find festival fashion waiting to be repurposed. It can be weird…but what better time than a music festival to bring out your hippie side?

So a vintage trailer, hopefully a few friends, and I will be making our way to some music festivals this summer. Teaching people to sew, and possibly selling some stellar music festival fashion. Mostly we’re just looking for an excuse to travel the country and checking off the music festivals we’ve been eyeing for so long. Stay tuned for an update!

P.S. I have two weeks until I’m officially done with grad school. Oh my goodness. But with the excitement comes a crazy number of to-do’s that require my full attention. I may be absent for a few weeks, but I’ll come back in May with some HUGE announcements. Thanks, friends, for being such awesome readers.

Every time I go to the thrift store I look for fabric. Every single time. I’ve found fabric worth buying twice. Twice in at least 100 thrift store trips. Those odds aren’t very good in case you can’t do math like me.

But some days, you arrive at the thrift store just hours before somebody has decided to liquidate their sewing stash. Those are the days where prudent buying decisions are your nemesis. If you see yards and yards of fabric that you potentially, on a whim, if the stars align just right might use? Buy it. Don’t let it linger on the shelf, because after one stroll around the store it could be gone.

Let’s just say, it has happened. Luckily, my latest trip to the thrift store resulted in a big win of megaball jackpot proportions. Basically I can quit school now and just sew all day long.


First, the awesome teal flowy fabric. I don’t know the specific kind of fabric, but it’s drapey and flowy and pretty much the exact opposite of cotton. And there’s about three yards, maybe four, here. For $2.99.

That teal fabric has big potential, and I’ve been racking my brain, and pinning myself to death over what it may become. Here are some options:

I absolutely love that tied back tank. I know it’s, like, 30 degrees out and I can’t layer with that all that back detail going on. But I’m still obsessed. Sue me.

Next up. At least two yards of this white and red striped cotton. With the most adorable ribs running through the whole thing. Also for $2.99.

The minute I saw this fabric I thought – table cloth! Since I just learned how to sew a rolled hem on my serger, it seemed like a no brainer. I think wearing this fabric would be a little too candy-striper for me. I’m considering tea-staining this beauty for a look more like this:


Have you thrifted any fabric lately?  You’ll be happy to know that Sew Thrifted is returning on Thursday. I bet you had given up hope. Have faith in me friends. I shall not disappoint you.


Whew, what a week! My schedule no longer consists of 10+ hours of sleep and leisurely bike rides. No more beagle-cuddling mornings and certainly no more glass-of-wine-a-night routine. Summer has gone, school is here. Thank goodness I sewed myself a nice jacketrobe to soothe my fragile soul.

If you came anywhere within a half mile radius of me within the last three months, you’re probably well aware that I have been coveting this pin for far too long. I’ve shown everyone, and the general response I’ve been getting is, “That coat looks like you.” I can’t decide whether to be happy or sad about that.


If you came across it (as it has gone rather “viral”, as they say), you probably realized it links to a sketchy site where you have to create a profile to view it. No thanks. Also, I can’t buy new things. So, I had a brief second where I considered forgetting I ever saw this pin, then the crazy part of my brain (which is the majority of it) decided, “Hey! Let’s try sewing that without a pattern! It can’t be that hard.”

And, to be honest, it wasn’t hard. Not nearly as hard as sewing a zipper on a skirt. It was actually kind of fun, and guess what?! It worked! (When I say that it worked, I mean that this piece is wearable, not necessarily in pubic. Certainly, wearable when it’s 10 degrees outside and you have a mountain of reading to do, inside and where no one will see you. Hence the name, Jacketrobe.)

Recognize those boots? And yes, I’m aware that this isn’t quite the exact replica of the pin. But it’s kinda similar, and it’s comfortable. And if never sees the light of day I’m okay with that.

Now, you might be wondering (all skeptical-like), “How did she get all that fabric if she can’t buy anything new?” I found it on eBay! Thank goodness for women who are looking to liquidate their fabric collection. I got nearly two yards of charcoal grey sweatshirt fleece for about $10 + shipping. Not a great deal, but I’m no rule breaker. It was a great material to work with because it was super stretchy and hid all those mistakes I inevitably made.

One day, when I master the skill of pattern making, I will post a tutorial. Pinky swear.

I’ve been having lots of adventures buying nothing new! A full post to come on that, along with some early conclusions about this project. It’s mostly groovy.

Over the last couple of months, I have found an unnatural interest in all things website design related. This, coming from the girl who still can’t load a youtube video on her laptop. It’s been a tough, random-entertainment-free winter folks.

Regardless of my lack of internet expertise, I am loving exploring the world of web design. While you probably can’t tell, I am constantly playing around with my blog’s dashboard. Changing colors, trying different themes, and learning new things about WordPress. While I’d love to do a complete blog redesign (and I will in the coming months), school has me more time constrained than ever.

Want to know one thing I learned the other day? Do you?

Wait for it…

I learned what a Favicon is. Sounds scifi right?

Have you ever noticed that little icon next to a website’s URL? THAT, my friends, is a favicon. And I’ve been a major favicon creeper lately, checking out the favicon of every single website I visit.

Design Sponge’s star like icon. Not my favorite, but I’ll take it.

Apartment Therapy’s weird, amorphous shape that is just kind of creepy.

Pinterest’s famous red lettering, that is surprisingly similar to the Phillie’s red P. Don’t ask me how I even know who the Phillies are.

Like most things, I was super critical of the favicons floating around the interwebs. Per usual, nothing was designed well enough, was pleasing to the eye enough, or basically solved my life problems well enough (as a favicon should). That is until I tried to create my own. Designing a tiny icon about 1/16″ square is a real bitch. I think I spent at least three hours in Photoshop trying to make my favicon shrinkable and still readable.

Some iterations for your enjoyment:

Font too big, with not enough white space around the edges. Also, that color is a little too last year for my liking.

Totally illegible. You know, because those things matter.

Better, but still a bit unreadable.

I decided to forgo text because it was obvious it just wasn’t going to work. And I’m not one to “make things work”. I usually just give up before that happens.

A quick Photoshop meadow rue sketch was my last attempt. Before I uploaded the image as a favicon it looked something like this:

I figured the image was small and simple enough to maximize the tiny space I was designing for. Also, in the midst of frustration, I realized a white background would eliminate the box outline and make the the image look like it is just floating next to the web address. Turns out, it works! Right? Please tell me it does.

Now, I’m going to have you totally favicon creeping. Go for it.



When I was between the ages of 19 and 23 I fell in love with cooking. I tried new recipes, experimented with exotic ingredients, and I made everything extra decadent. The cheesier the better was my motto back then. I also acquired some lovely love handles that would be my nemesis for those four years.

Then I moved to Portland, was handed down a sewing machine, and soon I was betraying my love of cooking for playing with scraps of fabric. Those love handles mostly disappeared. Thank you lord.

Grad school came around, and I’ve now found zero time to spend on cooking which has created some bad habits. Like walking to the local grocery store and picking up packaged sushi on a nightly basis.

Tonight, I was looking through my Pinterest food board, and saw the lettuce wraps I pinned so long ago. My world has been rocked. I (with the help of a certain fella) can cook! I suggest you make these pronto, your love handles will thank you


I’ve also discovered a food blog I can appreciate. This girl gives me goosebumps…like…

My favorite part about Pinterest is looking at what I’ve pinned over the months, and realizing how specific my taste is for certain things. For instance, I have more flouncy knee length skirts pinned on my fashion board than I care to admit. And my “DIY Home” board is almost entirely made up of projects that incorporate wood. Little wooden buttons, large birch trunk candle holders…a tree trunk colored pencil holder (obviously).

In short, I have a thing for wood accents. I love white washed walls and modern interiors, but I need an element of natural in there. And of late, I’m all about birch.

Check out my favorites:

I figure these can’t be that hard to make. In fact, its on the top of my dad’s list of things to teach me this summer. (shhh…he doesn’t know yet).


Those beams! That track lighting! Those nano (nana?) doors!


One teeny, tiny wooden lamp. And air plants. Sigh.


Industrial shelving, white washed walls, and strategically placed pops of color. Me likey.


Love that bench at the end of the bed. Anybody know what kind of wood that might be?


Houzz had a great “Woods and Whites” diddy. Check it.


I spent yesterday afternoon with a dear friend. We chatted…she showed me her fancy new camera…I inhaled every snack she so thoughtfully set out. 

Oh, and we also crafted.

If you haven’t seen this pretty cool tutorial about making your old jars look beautiful, get on it.

Luckily, I know this fella who has a million pasta sauce jars. I mean, the kid loves himself some noodles and sauce. Hence, I’m never wanting for a large jar (huge score in my book).

I am in love with everything Lotta Jansdotter, so I decided to use some stationary I had for this very purpose. I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the result. 

I’m still working on getting the glue off the jar with the orange lid, otherwise you would see the complete set. After too much elbow grease, and a nasty set of raisin fingers, I resorted to ordering some Goo Gone from Amazon. I’ll report back on its functionality.

Update: Remember this lovely thrifting find? It works like a charm! It should come in super handy for drying prints.

Lately, this strange thing has been happening to me. I’ve been thinking in colors instead of words, prints and patterns flutter in and out of my mind, and I’ve scribbled a to-create list longer than there are hours in the day.

In short, I’m inspired…and I don’t want it to stop. I blame Pinterest.

A few of my favorites this week:

Such simple, beautiful prints from Jenny Pennywood.


So refreshing to see a living room that actually looks lived in…because in the heat of July, my gloves will still be sitting on that rattan ottoman.


 House plants that don’t gross me out. Lovely.