Guess who finally got their act together and made a pillow cover out of that amazing new wool gifted by the best best friend?

I just moved into a new place and my temporary 18 year old roommate is striving to be a fashion designer. His first sewing class was learning how to sew an envelope pillow.

“That is adorable,” I thought when he told me. Got to start somewhere, right?

Ha! Was I ever so wrong. Let me just say, the kid has some major talent. Those seams were as straight as an arrow. And his choice of coordinating, modern, masculine fabrics? Superb.

A few nights ago he showed me his sketches of a new women’s line of clothing he’s designed. My god, can this kid can draw. And that one-shouldered number sketched so delicately on his size 0, and huuuge busted model. Blown away.

So he’s 18, he can draw, he can sew, he can design women’s wear, and he’s got impeccable taste in fabric.

I, on the other hand, need three separate attempts at an envelope pillow to get it right. Of course, I didn’t tell the roomie this. Can’t let those teenage egos getting too out of control…

Behold, my envelope pillow:

I still have half of the fabric left, so I’m going to attempt to whip up a little over the shoulder purse. We shall see what becomes of this grand plan. If an envelope pillow almost killed me…gah, let’s not discuss it.

I entered my mid to late twenties last week. My back hurt when I woke up today and I have found more than one grey hair in the last six months. My middle aged classmates call me a baby, but I swear I feel older than last year. I caught myself saying that I’d like to go back to the age of 5 and relive life. I think I’m having a mid-life crisis.

Moving on. My best friend sent me some awesome brightly colored Navajo wool for my special day. I swear this girl knows me too well. Bright colors? Check. Something unfinished, so I can put my own touch on it? Check. She’s amazing. That’s why she’s my best friend.

I love this fabric so much that I have taken it out of its box at least once per day to admire it. I cannot wait to sew with it, yet I’m terrified of ruining it. I have a track record of ruining things. Working on that.

Currently an over the shoulder purse, with a long strap is taking the lead. But, I want to enjoy this fabric for a lifetime, and I wonder if a purse might be too trendy?



A covered pillow is a close runner up. And I am almost positive I can’t screw that up.


What do you think? How is your week? Are you having a mid-life crisis?

Signing off now.