I’m over a month into my year of nothing new. I still think it’s the bee’s knees. I have several new closet staples and I’m feeling more inspired than ever.

But bee’s knees it may be, there are still lessons learned. Some painful, some not so much. All of them are making this project a million times more interesting that I ever planned it would be.

Five Lessons Learned from 30 days of Nothing New

1. There is a world beyond thrift stores. It’s called eBay.

2. The word “vintage” is thrown around on online marketplaces like it’s the new “organic”. Because apparently something newly manufactured and sold direct from the manufacturer, is still considered vintage. Who knew?

3. Plan ahead. Don’t put off making that gift for an upcoming birthday. Don’t put off finding those pair of boots you need for a timber skills workshop. The added stress of not being able to go pick something up at the store at the last minute will make your handmade gift feel less special, or will make you start to resent this crazy idea.

4. Be more articulate (read: polite) about your reasons for buying nothing new. Because simply saying, “Do you have any of those used?” is a little off-putting to store owners.

5. DO NOT GO TO TARGET UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you need toiletries, get them at the grocery store. You’re setting yourself up for failure the minute you walk through those automatic sliding doors.

Overall, the momentum is rolling on this crazy idea of mine and I have more pictures, tutorials, and potential projects than I have the time to tell you about. Still, I’m so inspired that I am just dying to get the word out. I’m contacting other bloggers, commenting on my favorite blogs, and consistently watching my readership slowly increase. It’s exciting and a true confidence builder. It’s also scary as hell. But I want to share it. I want others to connect with the project and see their own creativity come to life when they’re forced to make, fix or borrow.

All of that being said, I realize that I have miles and miles to go before I can even call myself a blogger. I have blog design dreams and a real goal of organizing this space into something a bit more cohesive in the near future. It will happen.

I have so much appreciation for you loyal readers and commenters. I know who all 13 of you are…I think. If you feel so inclined, spread the word! I’d love to see a community grow from this project that has already given me so much. And please, please, please give me all of the constructive feedback you can think of. It’s much needed.