I have one single printing screen I made during screen printing class about a year ago. But let me tell you, that screen has gotten more play time than a bad Britney Spears song. I think everyone in my family owns something that is made out of my one single, print. It’s time for some new screens.

That being said, I can’t help but share with you a memorable evening spent with my oldest sister and a wonderful Great Falls potter and artist, Judy Ericksen Larson. My tired screen got to venture into new territory this night: printing on clay!

Instead of using fabric dye, glaze is applied to the screen in the very same manner. I used three different colors (black, a rich brown, and a chartreuse green) on large pieces of clay that had been rolled fairly flat. After I printed the clay, it was laid over a slump mold to form it into the desired shape.

Whitney helped me stabilize my screen. I forgot how labor intensive printing is!

Judy, being wonderful, as always.


I had to leave Great Falls before I could see what the final, kilned product looked like. Regardless of the outcome, I wouldn’t have traded this night for anything. A truly splendid, cozy creative setting; I wish I could spend all my time like this.