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Hi friends! There’s something different about the blog today. Did you notice? I know, computers are hard. Let me walk you through some exciting new changes here at Meadow Rue!

First, look at the menus above ^^. They actually have content! Those pages will contain each and every Sew Thrifted post, Tutorial, and Words of the Week in one spot. Easy, and obvious. Sorry I’m such a late adopter to technology.

Now, look at the sidebar on the right >>. There are images there! And links to social media! I finally made a Meadow Rue Facebook page! The Facebook page will post a link to each new blog post, so you’ll never be out of the loop. Now, go like me, pretty please.

I had way too much fun this holiday weekend working on the blog. It was a major to-do item that feels oh-so-good to check off before school mayhem begins. And I am feeling over-the-moon flattered about how many of my current Facebook friends have liked the page and said such nice things. Thank you so much (you know who you are), it means the world to me.

Today’s Words for the Week is especially fitting for this blog, and also for life in general right now. I can’t contain my excitement for things to come in every area of my life. I know that this year is going to be the best yet, I can feel it.

Oh Jakob Dylan. He hides silently in my ipod and then pops up randomly on a current day genius mix. And I love this song despite being at least 5 years old.

Good things are coming. Can you feel it?