Whew, what a week! My schedule no longer consists of 10+ hours of sleep and leisurely bike rides. No more beagle-cuddling mornings and certainly no more glass-of-wine-a-night routine. Summer has gone, school is here. Thank goodness I sewed myself a nice jacketrobe to soothe my fragile soul.

If you came anywhere within a half mile radius of me within the last three months, you’re probably well aware that I have been coveting this pin for far too long. I’ve shown everyone, and the general response I’ve been getting is, “That coat looks like you.” I can’t decide whether to be happy or sad about that.


If you came across it (as it has gone rather “viral”, as they say), you probably realized it links to a sketchy site where you have to create a profile to view it. No thanks. Also, I can’t buy new things. So, I had a brief second where I considered forgetting I ever saw this pin, then the crazy part of my brain (which is the majority of it) decided, “Hey! Let’s try sewing that without a pattern! It can’t be that hard.”

And, to be honest, it wasn’t hard. Not nearly as hard as sewing a zipper on a skirt. It was actually kind of fun, and guess what?! It worked! (When I say that it worked, I mean that this piece is wearable, not necessarily in pubic. Certainly, wearable when it’s 10 degrees outside and you have a mountain of reading to do, inside and where no one will see you. Hence the name, Jacketrobe.)

Recognize those boots? And yes, I’m aware that this isn’t quite the exact replica of the pin. But it’s kinda similar, and it’s comfortable. And if never sees the light of day I’m okay with that.

Now, you might be wondering (all skeptical-like), “How did she get all that fabric if she can’t buy anything new?” I found it on eBay! Thank goodness for women who are looking to liquidate their fabric collection. I got nearly two yards of charcoal grey sweatshirt fleece for about $10 + shipping. Not a great deal, but I’m no rule breaker. It was a great material to work with because it was super stretchy and hid all those mistakes I inevitably made.

One day, when I master the skill of pattern making, I will post a tutorial. Pinky swear.

I’ve been having lots of adventures buying nothing new! A full post to come on that, along with some early conclusions about this project. It’s mostly groovy.