It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I am content as a sleepy Beagle. Five days ago, a ten hour drive dropped me at the doorstep of my¬†home. Not my literal home. It was my sister’s and soon-to-be brother-in-law’s home in Bozeman, Montana. But, it felt like home. That city always does.

Three days later we ventured to a little town called White Sulphur Springs, for a quick planning session, photoshoot and so much good conversation. It felt so warm and welcoming. It was home.

Today, after four more hours on treacherous roads, I arrived at Swan Lake, Montana. The location where many a summer and almost every Thanksgiving is spent. This is home.

The Head and The Heart

None of these places are my actual home. I won’t be visiting the home I grew up in, the home my father inhabitated as a little boy. But my soul doesn’t feel empty. It feels full to the brim with the most wonderful energy from the people I care most about.

If I were to lose all of my possessions, my house, and my beloved iPhone, I would still have home. Because home is people, it’s all of those crazy, wonderful memories that return when you smell something familiar, it’s a feeling of total contentment. Home is a full and open heart. Home is a beagle, a roaring fire, and wide open blue skies.

I hope you’re enjoying home these holidays, no matter where you are!

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