Since the new semester of school has started, I’ve had a surge of requests for alterations from my classmates. Interviews, spring cleaning, or maybe just a renewed mission to look good has prompted my friends to clean up their wardrobes. Of course, I’m excited about this. It means people are trying to fix their clothes instead of replacing them. And when the seat of your jeans is a little too saggy? I’ll put some more belt loops on your men’s designer jeans. Hell yes I will.

Tutorial time! Yes, it’s the most obvious fix ever, but sometimes photos help. Right? Please tell me they help.

measuring existing belt loops1. Measure the length and width of the current belt loops on your jeans. Write down those numbers, adding 5/8″ to the length and double the width plus 1/4″.

How to Sew Belt Loops onto Jeans2. Cut a rectangle of denim in the dimensions you noted above. I used a pair of old jeans I never wear anymore.
3. Serge the long end of the fabric with a dark color thread. Try not to cut off any fabric while serging.
4. Iron your belt loop so that the serged seam runs down the center. Serge the top and bottom edges.
5. Edge stitch at 1/8″ seam allowance down each long edge of the loop with a coordinating thread.

find and mark the center point between the two belt loopsNow you’re ready to sew the soon-to-be loop onto the jeans. For this project, I added two extra belt loops between the back middle and the side loops.

6. Measure the center point between the two loops and mark with chalk. Pin your belt loop to the waistband with 1/4″ folded under.

sewing belt loop onto jeans7. Sew a straight stitch that lines up with the waistband’s topstitch. Back and forward stitch several times.
8. Sew a tight zig zag stitch over that straight stitch. Back and forward stitch several times.
9. Repeat on the bottom of your loop.

Now go thread a belt through those loops and admire your handiwork.

The most epic Sew Thrifted post is coming your way after I clean myself up for some photos. It might be my proudest moment yet!

I’ve been getting real close with my sewing room lately. Major time spent together. Shared happiness and frustration. A total lack of adequate lighting. It’s give and take relationship. But boy am I glad that I have a dim, little refuge to work on the projects piling up around me. All this time spent sewing, and I’m learning some pretty fun lessons. You want me to share them? Okay!

1. Did you know that a lint roller is the best way to pick up all those loose threads from seam ripping? Works like a charm! A hard lesson learned after at least fifteen minutes spent plucking threads, one by one, out of the hem of jeans.

2. The lint that builds up inside of a well-loved shirt’s pockets is gross…just gross.

3. Your state-of-the-art, amazing-in-every-way sewing machine does have its limits. It’s called four layers of denim.

4. Alterations are a ridiculously fun way to make money. And neglecting school work is a great way to cause major test anxiety. Still searching for the balance.

So I’m pumped, folks. I will attend a blogger meet up this weekend with this lovely lady at Fabricate (where I’ll be teaching classes soon)! I feel like a seven year old whose parents just told her she’s leaving for Disney World on Saturday evening. Valium might be necessary for four nights of proper sleep. Life is just a series of exciting events lately, isn’t it? Meadow Rue goes international next week, so stay tuned!