I was on a super tight budget this year for Christmas presents and had a time period of about 36 hours to get everything made for my loved ones. Remember…nothing new for a whole year? Yep, that includes gifts for others. And because I continually plan so poorly, I didn’t leave enough time to make something totally unique and handcrafted for each member of my family. I did whip up something pretty stellar though…on Christmas Eve. Aspen tree candle holders…squeal!!!

Aspen Candles

Do you have access to an aspen tree that’s fallen down? How about a drill press and a chop saw? And maybe a drill bit that is the exact same size as a tea light? Then you’re set (and I’m impressed you are so well equipped)! If you’re missing any of these items, it can’t hurt to ask your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Especially on Christmas Eve at 3pm, they’ll love that.

Aspen Candle Holders

These aspen trunks were cut into varying sizes last spring and have been sitting around my craft room since then. I brought them home at Thanksgiving with the hopes of making these candleholders, but alas my dad didn’t have the right size bit. Magically, when I came home three days ago, the bit had materialized and my dad was willing to show his very accident-prone daughter how to use a drill press. Bless his soul.

Fourteen sections later and I was done! I couldn’t contain my excitement so my whole family found out what they were getting on Christmas Eve. Sorry fam.

And on Christmas morning, despite a balmy 2 degrees, I still got these candles lit outside in the snow. And I just love how woodsy they look and how cheap they were to make. Can you say…basically…free?
aspen candles

How were your holidays? Did you scramble to get things together in the eleventh hour?

Sew Thrifted is coming back at you…stay tuned!