All thanks to this post by A Beautiful Mess I will now freely call myself a photographer. I would highly recommend following their instructions step by step.

And then go wild on your entire library of photos! Please someone come and pry this overheating computer out of my dead, lifeless grip.

Here are two of my edits. Don’t tell me if they still look horrendous. My photographer ego is prone to rapid deflation.

Very obviously too dark. Which I didn’t notice until I started tweaking it. A true photographer’s eye, I have.

Stark contrast, soft light

A bit dark, among other things that are obviously wrong that I can’t articulate.

All ethereal and dreamy…and stuff.

Try it. Now. And book me for your next chicken event!

Last weekend I ventured to Bozeman for a birthday party and some much needed sister/friend time. We talked, we laughed, we attempted to go for a jog. And we thrifted.

My sister and I were discussing our distinct preferences for secondhand shopping. I prefer to hit the large thrift stores and look through each and every clothing item shoved tightly into those racks. The junkier the better, in my opinion. She prefers to visit antique stores; the ones with mounds of interesting old iron stuff sitting outside and amazing Danish furniture inside.

We visited both thrift stores and antique stores this weekend, and I scored big at both.

This amazing vintage fabric was at the bottom of a huge basket of zip lock bags of random fabric clippings. For only $7.50 I got nearly a yard and a half.

My only worry is whether this beautiful canvas-weight cotton can be machine washed. And whether it would be considered total sacrilege to make a little zippered wallet pouch out of it. Please, somebody help me decide.

This light and breezy table cloth was only $1.00, so it was basically begging to be purchased. I’m thinking about cutting it in half to make a nice spring/summer scarf. The fabric is rather thin, so I’m not sure what else it could be used for.

Did you know that where I currently live there are chickens?!

Buckley is so intrigued by these little ladies. Sage, Thyme, Rosemary and Basil are four very brave, finicky, and vocal fowl.

This coming weekend we’ll be having a little sewing retreat at my cabin. Lots and lots of pictures to ensue. I am apologizing in advance.