Man, have things changed. Since July, not much of my life is the same. Except for Beagle, he’ll always be his whiney, adorable self. And my unwavering family and friends; thank goodness for them. But most everything else is 100% different. Not a bad thing, friends, not at all.

I love change. I get bored easily. And a new class schedule, new fun friends, and a new routine are a welcome relief. The fact that I just happened to stumble upon my passion in these past three months? Dairy-free icing on the gluten-free cake. Life is damn good.

To celebrate, last week I ordered (free!) business cards from this awesome site, and in doing so, got the opportunity to apply new titles to myself that i never dreamed I’d see under my name on a little piece of cardstock.

There’s this one thing, though. One thing I was totally oblivious of, before embarking on this journey. I had no idea that most of my girlfriends¬†want to learn to thrift and sew, but don’t really know where to start. Many have been asking for help, once they discovered my blog. This is beyond exciting to me. Thrilling, even!

Most of my male friends? They want their clothes tailored. I can work with that.

Earlier this fall, I decided to dive right into teaching (starting at Fancy Tiger in Denver). Teaching one class got the ball rolling on so many other ideas. A video (or several) is coming for those non-local folks. And some local thrift and sew workshops are in the works. I’m also going to start taking alterations!

This is the new me. I’m loving it. And I’m sure it’ll morph into something entirely different, eventually. Maybe a future business endeavor will replace the hours I spend behind a sewing machine. One day, having a vegetable garden might be more important than having blog content. Thrifting, of course, is here to stay. For now I’ll just keep loving what I’m doing, every second of every day.