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Being a Beagle is hard work.

Especially when you’re surrounded by five girls. All day. Every day.

Five loud, talkative, shrieking girls. Five females who are rarely quiet and calm.

Being a Beagle is tough when your velvet ears get tugged on, day in and day out.

And when needy girls wake you from an afternoon slumber to smother you with kisses.

Being a Beagle is hard work when five females refuse to share a morsel of human food with you.

Being a Beagle is hard work, until you find a quiet gentleman man who has a lap that’s perfect for a 25 pound canine.

A quiet gentleman who doesn’t tug on your ears and shriek about how adorable you are.

Being a Beagle isn’t so bad when you find a gentleman who lets you lay your head on his shoulder, just five minutes after you’ve met him.

Being a Beagle is easy when you can peacefully dream about chasing rabbits with no fear of waking to a face no more than two inches from your own.

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Boulder, Colorado has shut down. No school, no work for most, and some mighty treacherous roads. Over a foot of snow fell while the Front Range slept last night, but what a beautiful sight to wake up to!

The funny thing is, growing up in Montana, I still don’t remember a single snow day. I also don’t remember the name of my second grade teacher, so that’s not saying much. 

I can’t say I mind having an excuse to curl up inside a heated apartment. This a multiple mugs of tea sort of day.

For a 13 inch Beagle, 12 inches of snow is no joke. Our morning entertainment was watching Buckley run like a mad man through a field of untouched snow. He resembled more of a rabbit than he did a canine.

After snow tunneling lost its appeal, Buckley proceeded to finally end the slow suffering of his toy Beagle.  Was it wrong for me to buy him this toy? I’m getting mixed reviews. When he violently ripped the last of the stuffed dog’s fuzzy ear off, I asked him how he would feel if I chewed his velvety ears off. He gave me a blank look and a head tilt. He’s an unfeeling cannibal, I tell you.

I’m supposed to drive to Denver tonight to spend the weekend in Vegas with my family. I’m hoping that positive thinking will be enough to get my plane off the ground. Wish me luck!

I’m fairly certain I bought the two ugliest items thrifting today. I’m 100% certain that I love the color orange way too much. 

Even Buckley can’t stand the sight of my purchases.

I present to you…the Heatwave:

I am praying the hot button isn’t stuck in place.

After seeing this retro beauty I convinced myself that I’ve always wanted a personal instant heater and/or fan for all those times that I’m chilled/sweaty and too lazy to get up and adjust the thermostat. I proceeded to check out without seeing how well it functioned, and had a small panic attack on the way home about how much electricity this sucker probably eats through. 

I shall report back later on its functionality.

More eye candy for you. You will be seeing more of this in a separate post. I will tell you only this: It has shoulder pads so big you could cock your head to the side and take a nap on them.

Do you spy a beagle?

Today’s poignant thrifting observation:

When you go the thrift store looking quite homeless, you will receive a lot of flack from the cashier about whether you actually donated a bag of stuff in order to get your 20% discount. When you go back later that night, freshly showered, to pick up some records for a friend you’ll be treated like the Duchess of Wales. Thrifting twice in one day is a new low.