We went for a bike ride the other day. My dear friend, Jen and I hopped on our cruisers and we rode our way through a herd of cows. Mama cows and babies.

And a whole lot of cow pies.


My mom asked me to collect some of these seed pods that dot the countryside near my house. She wanted them for art card inspiration, and to put in her flower pots at home. They really are beautiful, despite their thorns and spikey round heads.

They’re also noxious weeds. I once spent several hours in a sweltering heat, pulling these things out of a some Boulder open space. So there’s that.weeds 03

Nevertheless, they are fun to photograph on an overcast May day, against Colorado mountains that still have snow on them. It truly has been the most beautiful spring.weeds 04Thanks for hanging on with me friends, as I post rather infrequently. Life has thrown a few curveballs (most of which are good!). For now, my erratic posting will continue, but I’m itching to get back to my sewing machine and to a regular blogging schedule.

Peace, love, and noxious weeds.


Saturday night was the best. I mean, really the best. I was able to spend two hours with twelve lovely Colorado bloggers. Beware: I’m going to show you a million pictures and make you insanely jealous. I’ll go back to being polite and inclusive…tomorrow.

Meadow Rue Readers, meet: (back row) KimAshley, Me, Lizzie, Meghan (middle row) Liz, Rebecca, AnneKeely (front row) Katie, Erin, Elaine, Anne

Kim organized the most awesome craft: fabric printing on jersey scarves. Despite getting yellow paint nearly everywhere, this was totally theraputic. More fabric printing needs to happen in life.

The swag bags. Oh dear, there was nothing lacking in those swag bags. Kim even threw a ringpop in for all of us (flashback to 1992!). If I could only take one thing to a desert island, it would be this swag bag.

This little print is going in a thrifted frame and up on my sewing room wall asap. It’s has been scary, Yellow Heart Art. How did you know?

The most awesome craft kit from Katie at Lemon Jitters was included. I can’t wait to dig into this. That tiny wooden plane will be put to good use, you can be certain of that.

Knitted (or crocheted?) things from Snowdrift Designs! I really should learn the difference. Regardless, this red cup cozy has been planted firmly on my coffee mug since Sunday morning. And I refuse to drink out of anything else. It serves as a coaster too! And the coaster serves as a coaster, also. Imagine that.

A bright and cheerful fat quarter from Fabricate! The event was hosted at their adorable fabric store and sewing studio. The perfect venue for an intimate gathering.

Cards and prints! A fun Thank You from Ashley at Bow & Arrow Art and a Colorado state print from CAPow!

Overall, the night was a small trip outside my comfort zone coupled healthy injection of whoa-I-need-to-get-my-shiz-together. These ladies are big time, and after a bit of blog stalking, I am so inspired. Being surrounded by other people who understand the self-induced stress that comes from getting a post up is a strange comfort. What was even more awesome? Their personalities totally shine through in their writing, something that I continually strive for, but am completely unaware if the effort is working.

Twas a good night, friends. A good night indeed.

I’ve been getting real close with my sewing room lately. Major time spent together. Shared happiness and frustration. A total lack of adequate lighting. It’s give and take relationship. But boy am I glad that I have a dim, little refuge to work on the projects piling up around me. All this time spent sewing, and I’m learning some pretty fun lessons. You want me to share them? Okay!

1. Did you know that a lint roller is the best way to pick up all those loose threads from seam ripping? Works like a charm! A hard lesson learned after at least fifteen minutes spent plucking threads, one by one, out of the hem of jeans.

2. The lint that builds up inside of a well-loved shirt’s pockets is gross…just gross.

3. Your state-of-the-art, amazing-in-every-way sewing machine does have its limits. It’s called four layers of denim.

4. Alterations are a ridiculously fun way to make money. And neglecting school work is a great way to cause major test anxiety. Still searching for the balance.

So I’m pumped, folks. I will attend a blogger meet up this weekend with this lovely lady at Fabricate (where I’ll be teaching classes soon)! I feel like a seven year old whose parents just told her she’s leaving for Disney World on Saturday evening. Valium might be necessary for four nights of proper sleep. Life is just a series of exciting events lately, isn’t it? Meadow Rue goes international next week, so stay tuned!