Howdy folks. Happy New Years…only 21 days late! Have you created lifelong healthy habits in these past three weeks? Are you a changed person, renewed with the optimism that only another year can bring?

Yeah me neither. But I have made dog beds. And for me…apparently that’s enough.


I’ve been back from my travels down under for almost two months, which seems impossible. It feels like yesterday that I was walking around in nothing more than a sundress, meeting awesome people, not worrying about a single thing.

And life is dramatically different now. I’m experiencing a definite transition period. It’s anxiety inducing, but a total thrill at the same time. I have no idea what tomorrow or next week will look like, let alone months down the road. It’s exhilarating and terrifying. So to calm myself, of course I sew. For my dog.

I’m working on reconnecting myself with the sewing community that I so dearly value in Colorado. And I’m working busily on a new venture that will be launched in a few short weeks. Also, I’m teaching again! Well, I’m preparing to teach sewing classes starting in March at Fancy Tiger. And I literally cannot wait.

I spent a few hours last week creating a rather luxurious dog bed for a small tricolor canine to serve as prototype for one of those classes. When it was unveiled to the little guy, Buckley actually chose his new glorious overstuffed dog bed over a spot next to me. He circled three times, flopped down with a sigh, and immediately started the Beagle snore I fall asleep listening to every night. I can’t say I wasn’t a little bit hurt. But also proud. Insanely proud. He may have no idea how awesome this made in the USA fabric is, but the boy knows comfort when he sees it.


So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to sew a box cushion with an envelope cover, come to Fancy Tiger and take the class! I’ll update you with the dates and times when that information is available, but I was just too antsy not to share these photos.

In the meantime, let’s keep up this sewing thing, mmkay? If you’re in the Denver/Boulder area and want to talk about sewing, let’s do that too. I’ll be back soon with more sewing, big news, and more empty promises. You have my word.

30 days is a long time. In 30 days your world can shift so dramatically it has you feeling dizzy and disoriented. In 30 days a little piece of you character is whittled into place by several life changing events.

For example, you can break your left fibula bouldering. Yes, that can certainly happen. You can participate in half of a digital media bootcamp…until you’re forced to drop out due to said broken left fibula. You can have not one, nor two, but three tearful goodbyes with some of the best people you’re certain you’ll ever have the pleasure to know. You can pack up all of your belongings, shove them into a tiny (like fifty-square-feet-tiny) storage unit, and you can drive yourself 800+ miles home to Montana. You can move into your summer place, start your summer job, and cut all of your hair off in a fit of frustrated frenzy.

You can look back on those 30 days and realize that they were by far the most difficult, and the happiest 30 days of your 27 years of life. I say this, because it happened. And besides the broken leg portion, I wouldn’t take a minute of it back.

30 days of instagram

So yeah. I’m back in Montana for the summer, living in the tiny ranching town of White Sulphur Springs. It has become such a familiar and comforting place, and Beagle loves it too. I’m working with awesome people, doing work I love, and seeing family on a weekly basis.

I’m getting around better these days, with only occasional pain in my leg. I was lucky to escape with the damage I did. I think I’ll start wearing a rope when I climb.

But most of all, after these 30 days, I’m craving creativity like a pregnant woman craves bacon…or pickles. Besides throwing together a few quick Wiksten tanks (you can see my tutorial here), I have completed zero creative projects, despite a to-create list that is growing exponentially. I want to get back to blogging, connecting with readers and continuing to develop the new direction that this site will go.

Thanks for hanging with me as I took a 30 day hiatus. I can’t promise that I’ll be posting more than once or twice per week, but I’m ready to reenter blogland. Let’s do this.

****This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced soon!****

Oh my gosh, you guys. I have been giddy for, like, three days. Absolutely, annoyingly, anxious-happy. And it’s over a little bitty named Roxanne. I managed to use a sewing pattern all by myself and it turned out wearable, one might even say, darling? My new favorite pattern company, hands down, is Victory Patterns.

Roxanne by Victory Patterns made from thrifted fabric

I swear the pointer finger claw comes out in 90% of my photos.

I bought this e-pattern over Christmas break after perusing some online patterns with my mother. I had about four yards of some awesome teal fabric that I had thrifted about a month earlier; a georgette, according to my mom. I cut out the pattern and read the beautifully designed instructions before starting. Not usually my thing. About four hours later the mutant death virus took over my body.

Those cut-out fabric pieces laid folded, alone, waiting to be assembled for nearly a month. In fact, I almost entirely forgot that I had a shirt to sew. Then I deemed last weekend and recuperate-and-sew weekend, and I stumbled upon the makings of my shirt. I set to work with that miraculous, not-at-all-like-me patience.

It was the pleats, friends. Those pleats captured my heart. The topstitch on that yoke? I couldn’t take a break without thinking constantly, without being totally obsessed, with finishing this shirt. True story, ask my friends, refer to my tweets.

It was finished. And then this happened. Envision angels singing, okay?

Roxanne top and beagleNow this pattern. It’s really something to write home about. There was not a single missed step. It was easy to understand and conscise. And never once did it make me feel totally inadequate. Most sewing patterns do that to me. Victory patterns are amazing. And there are two versions you can make!

roxanne both versionsSource

Roxanne by victory patterns meadow rue giveawayAnd guess what?! You can have one too! The sweetest Kristiann (the mastermind behind the patterns) has agreed to let me give one pdf version of The Roxanne pattern (a $9.95 value) to one of you. Just leave a lovely, little comment. The winner of this giveaway will be chosen at random and announced Monday, February 4th here on the blog.

Godspeed, good friends, godspeed.

It’s been a doozy of a week friends. In addition to Beagle sickness, life has just been a little trecherous lately. And by being distracted, frustrated, hurt, and overly worried about everything, I let all the beautiful things in my life pass by unnoticed.

Yes, I neglected everything I’m grateful for. During Thanksgiving. When I was supposed to be thankful. I am the world’s worst American.

So a littler meander through my iPhone photo gallery slapped me right back in the face. Wow, do I have things to be thankful for. And these are only the ones I chose to document.

So, a week late and probably even more annoying for those who dislike these internet memes, here’s my thankful list. In no particular order.

1. My cuddly, silly, independent Beagle. Don’t be annoyed by my obsession with my dog, because it’s only going to get worse.

2. My family. Such happy, warm, loving people. Such a support system.

3. My friends. Those that tell me how happy they are that we’re friends. Those that check in on me. Those that continue to reach out despite the terrible friend I’ve been. Wow.

4. A creative spirit, my sewing machine, and my blog. It feels so good to have this little outlet to return to, even when I’ve neglected it for a few weeks now. (I’m sorry, things will turn around soon, I pinky-promise).

5. My health. I can walk, see, hear and taste. I can run and jump and climb. I can laugh. I take these things for granted way too often.

6. My freedom and security. Amen.


Things I’m not thankful for:

1. Rotten avocados

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Being a Beagle is hard work.

Especially when you’re surrounded by five girls. All day. Every day.

Five loud, talkative, shrieking girls. Five females who are rarely quiet and calm.

Being a Beagle is tough when your velvet ears get tugged on, day in and day out.

And when needy girls wake you from an afternoon slumber to smother you with kisses.

Being a Beagle is hard work when five females refuse to share a morsel of human food with you.

Being a Beagle is hard work, until you find a quiet gentleman man who has a lap that’s perfect for a 25 pound canine.

A quiet gentleman who doesn’t tug on your ears and shriek about how adorable you are.

Being a Beagle isn’t so bad when you find a gentleman who lets you lay your head on his shoulder, just five minutes after you’ve met him.

Being a Beagle is easy when you can peacefully dream about chasing rabbits with no fear of waking to a face no more than two inches from your own.

It’s been a patriotic five days.

So much red, white and blue.

A small town 4th of July parade is full of tractors and horses. Obviously.

And a surprise 30th birthday party is full of personalized sweatsuits.

With your age on the back, obviously.

Fun was had by all.

Including, three very well behaved pooches.

 Life is good.