Fall is here! Can we all please just do a little dance right now? Because, friends, it’s a celebration. No more fire of Hades heat blowing in your face. No more repeated applications of sunscreen. Deodorant isn’t totally mandatory anymore.

I have so many favorite things about fall. Here’s ten, because I know you’re so interested.

1. It’s my mom’s favorite season. That makes it awesome.
2. The colors of the forest set ablaze (not literally). That will never, ever get old.
3. The sun has actually set by the time I go to bed.
4. I can wear sweats to bed and sleep under the covers without waking up to moist sheets.
5. It’s football season, so nobody is trying to invite me to do things that involve being active on a weekend.
6. Crockpot meals and soup. Amen.
7. A full consumption of tea (~4 cups per day) is resumed.
8. Being able to witness the most spectacular sunsets, while you’re eating dinner.
9. Apples and pears. The best fruit of all.
10. Beagle can keep his tongue in his mouth on walks now.

Classes are in full swing and my calendar is once again filled to the brim! Some great blogging material (compliments of one, rather life-changing class) coming your way, so stay tuned.