The tiny pocket tank has me craving something flowy and sleeveless. Like, all of the time.

One could attribute that to the 100 plus degree temperatures in Montana right now. If they wanted.

Attribute away I say, I’m still going to scour the thrift stores for too-big, sleeveless numbers to appease my craving.

Meet Big Red.

And boy is she big. A 1XL Notations tank (that makes me look 8 months pregnant) would be perfect to turn into a tiny pocket tank, I thought.

I put it on and quickly called for my sew-talented mom to assist. She grabbed a bit of fabric from each side to see what it would look like if we merely brought the sides in a bit. The result was a long, flowing cap sleeve. A basic piece for lounging in skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt for more cleaned up look.

So take in the sides we did. Literally the quickest sewing fix available. And when you’ve resized about a hundred button-ups, this is a no-brainer. I promise you’ll think so too.

First, we placed a pin in the armpit where we wanted to take the shirt in. Then I used a quilter’s ruler and chalk to draw a diagonal down to the hem of the shirt, making sure to leave more room at the bottom of the shirt than at the top.

Then, I made sure the slippery fabric was laying absolutely flat and I pinned along that line.

Normally, I would cut the fabric off the side, pin it up, then sew. But this time I just sewed down that white chalk line, and cut the extra fabric off after I knew the fit was right. It worked like a charm!

Finally, I serged up the sides to prevent fraying.

This project took a total twenty minutes from start to finish. My kind of sewing indeed.

I wore this shirt the same day to the Vintage Whites Antique Market and sewing all day. It was totally comfortable, and breezy to boot.

There are many more Sew Thrifted posts to come! Check back each Thursday to see all the crap I’ve accumulated from thrift stores in the past 30 days.

A Year of Nothing New Update:

My year of nothing new has been rather uneventful thus far, besides a slight moment of panic when I was told I’d need work boots for a workshop I’m taking. I quickly scoured eBay, added several used items to my watch list and then forgot completely about the work boots that I’m required to wear…on Monday.

Today is Thursday.


Yesterday, I asked each of the girls I work with their feet size and my favorite coworker told me she’s exactly my size and has an extra pair that I can borrow! I will admit that it’s a little anxiety inducing asking people if you can borrow random items, but I’ve found that, in general, people are more than willing to help a friend out.

If nothing else, this year of nothing makes me appreciate the generosity of my friends and family, and drives me to be equally as willing to give the shirt off my back. Life is good and people are good. Amen.

I’m five days into the year of nothing new, feeling more inspired and motivated than ever. I have a mile long list of projects to complete and topics that I want to discuss. And I’m actually checking things off! There’s nothing like a good dose of accountability to put some skip in your step.

A large, and awesome, portion of the project will be buying clothes secondhand, something I already do enthusiastically. I have been transformed from the snotty teenage girl who would plug her nose upon entering a secondhand store, to that slightly odd woman that stalks those racks for hours. And often twice in one day. Sometimes, change is good.

To celebrate, and justify, my many hours spent thrifting, I’ve come up with a new series. My new secondhand purchases will be showcased every Thursday. I shall call it:

I waste way too many hours in Photoshop.

My first submission is a beautiful kelly green silk blouse from Nordstrom circa 1980. My mom informed me these blouses were pret-ty spendy in their day. And I scored it for $2.

Annndddd, I washed it in the washing machine, despite the Dryclean Only tag, without a snag in sight. Double score.

Images of Nasty Gal were on my mind upon purchasing.

And I don’t think the result was too terribly far off.

Okay, it looks nothing like the Nasty Gal blouse. Still, I love it.

Normally, I would have a tutorial about how I sewed my thrifted item into something fabulous, trendy and form fitting. Well, folks, I’m breaking the rules on the very first post. This item didn’t need any tweaking. So, let’s just pretend I didn’t mention the whole being accountable thing.

Check out my new Pin It button on the bottom of each post! Technology is rad.

Life is so hard. I have huge quantities of fabric and low quantities of motivation. What a conundrum. A total first world problem.

What’s worse is I’m well aware this problem will multiply if not handled in a timely manner. Soon, fabric is going to be stacked to the ceiling and will occupy the bathtub. It’ll cover the ground until no sign of carpet is visible and I’ll be sleeping in a tiny vacant corner. Soon, I’ll be crazily yelling at my family that I don’t have a problem, and that my fabric infested house and I are just fine!

My name is Allie, and I am a fabric hoarder.

Despite an obvious problem, I am continually hunting for fabric at the thrift stores. And about a month ago, I really lucked out.

This geometric print is a breezy polyester/silk type blend, says my mama. The combination of orange and purple look somewhat vintage, and it smelled old. But so does everything at the thrift store. Still, I’m betting this print was made into an awesome 70’s women’s blouse with the neck ties and all.

After perusing my new favorite blog, I stumbled upon this awesome pattern by Grainline Studios. I immediately used Oh Sweet Joy!’s discount code and purchased it, and it was in my inbox not long after.

And then you know what I did? The next day I took that vintage silkyish material and I whipped up that tiny pocket tank, sans pocket, in no time flat. Yep, that’s what I did. You betcha.

Photo credit: one adorable, little mama Olson. Thank you!!

Besides a few printing snafus, which were entirely my fault for not reading the directions before printing the pattern, this sucker was a breeze to make. And except for one rather violent button pushing, due to a machinery malfunction, my frustration levels on this project were nonexistent. Next time I’ll sew the size 2, but this pattern is definitely a keeper.

Secondhand fabric made into a brand new piece of clothing? This year of nothing new is the bee’s knees. Too much fun friends. Too much fun.