First, this. Don’t laugh.

Beautiful, no?

Seriously, this before picture is bad news. I apologize. But you’ll thank me in roughly 1.8 minutes, after you’re done reading this post. Don’t scroll down just yet! First, I want to subject you to some thoughtless rambling…

And so it begins…My friend, Jen, and I hit up the thrift store during their Labor Day 50% off all clothing sale. You know, because we had no Labor Day plans and all. Don’t judge. I got many, many things. But the best find of all? These super dark wash Banana Republic straight leg jeans for $7.99! These puppies are no outlet store jean. No sir, these jeans are straight from the real deal. And they’re in mint condition.

The only obvious problem? They were too long, and they were a straight leg. I’m not digging either.

So, of course, I hopped on over to my trusty, favorite DIY site and used this video tutorial to skinnify these jeans right up. And now? They are the best fitting jeans I own. For reals.

Two new pairs of jeans for the season, both thrifted and tailored to fit perfectly? I’m happy as a clam.

Let’s switch gears shall we? I want to talk about my year of nothing new and how frustrating it is much fun I’m having! It really is mostly fun, but boy, oh boy, are there times I want to quit this whole thing and spend some money on something that is new and functional. Or go blow $40 at Target.

Case 1: I have spent $60 by acquiring, not one, but three tripods through Craigslist. Only one of these tripods is functional.
Lesson learned: Make sure you know everything there is to know about tripods before buying one on Craigslist. Because the sellers, more often than not, do not realize their tripod is broken.
Observation: There’s a reason most things are being sold secondhand. There are times when its more economical to buy a new piece of equipment, rather than spending more money in gas and time, shlepping around the Denver metro area collecting defunct tripods.

Case 2: I walked into a random bike store in Boulder to see if they had any used hand pumps they would sell me. When I told them about my project, they ran to the back to sell me a rental pump that had been used many, many times before. When I asked how to attach this to my bike (they usually come with a clip), I got a condescending, “If this project is something you’re committed to, you’re going to have to figure that out.” Burn.
Lesson learned: Take comments in stride. Everyone has their own opinion about what I’m doing.
Observation: People are funny.

Overall, still loving it! I was able to buy all my textbooks secondhand, but am currently trying to figure out how to refinish/reupholster a chair without buying anything new. The foam and fabric has been acquired. The stain, not so much.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. You’re dismissed!

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  1. Allie, this is my new fav blog! Keep up the awesome work…you are giving a second chance to clothes that have been cast away. You are super talented!!

  2. Love the picture of you sitting on the tree!

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