Happy March folks! It’s the month of my birth! The days are getting longer and my schedule is becoming more manageable. Sewing is happening on a weekly basis. The temps are rising above 30 degrees. And life is good. Actually, life is so good, that I have two Sew Thrifted posts lined up for you! The second one shall come soon, I promise. For now, you get a good eyeful of this red beauty. Remember this oversized red blouse when I took four before pictures so that you could hold me accountable? Umm…no one held me accountable…just saying. That oversized red blouse turned into a lovely sleeveless shirt. Can you tell how smitten I am with this top?

red thrifted button up turned sleeveless before and after

This top was not supposed to be sleeveless. A rather tragic sleeve incident prompted a complete redesigning of the final product. But I’m so glad I went the sans sleeve route, because a few days later this pin popped up in my Pinterest feed.



And since I don’t trust any sources other than my peeps on Pinterest, I was one happy camper. One very important skill that I learned with this project? How to sew bias tape on correctly! It’s sad, I know, but I always thought the raw edge of the fabric was meant to be sandwiched between the folded bias tape. It turns out that it’s not meant to be sandwiched folks, not at all. It’s meant to be delicately sewn on the front and then topstitched on the back. I would go as far as to say I consider bias tape an art…that I have not yet mastered.

red thrifted button up turned sleeveless collage

My favorite way to wear my new sleeveless blouse? Under a blazer of course. No one even knows its sleeveless until I have a hot flash and start shedding layers…in February.

red sleeveless button up with blazerDon’t forget to sign up for my shirt resizing class at Fancy Tiger next weekend.  We’ll going to be drowning in bad button ups turned fitted casual tops!

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  1. You amaze me every time!

  2. Looks great!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous. Red is your color. I covet the shirt.
    Also…I’d love to see a tutorial on the correct way to add bias tape.

  4. Love it! Are the buttons covered?

  5. super cute! can’t wait for the other 3 (?) refashions! i actually did a refashion as well. i was looking for a mens shirt, but couldn’t find any, so i picked up a dress which is now my all time favorite skirt. thank you for your thrifty inspiration!

    • Thanks Lia! Would love to see your refashion, maybe feature it on the blog?

      • you are super sweet! sure thing, i don’t have a before though for the dress… i made some refashions for my baby as well. do you have a flickr group where i could upload them, so you can see them? or do you want me to e-mail them to you? :)

        • I don’t have a flickr group, I’ll work on starting one! For now, feel free to email them to me at allie [at] meadow-rue [dot] com. Can’t wait to see it Lia!

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