I’m five days into the year of nothing new, feeling more inspired and motivated than ever. I have a mile long list of projects to complete and topics that I want to discuss. And I’m actually checking things off! There’s nothing like a good dose of accountability to put some skip in your step.

A large, and awesome, portion of the project will be buying clothes secondhand, something I already do enthusiastically. I have been transformed from the snotty teenage girl who would plug her nose upon entering a secondhand store, to that slightly odd woman that stalks those racks for hours. And often twice in one day. Sometimes, change is good.

To celebrate, and justify, my many hours spent thrifting, I’ve come up with a new series. My new secondhand purchases will be showcased every Thursday. I shall call it:

I waste way too many hours in Photoshop.

My first submission is a beautiful kelly green silk blouse from Nordstrom circa 1980. My mom informed me these blouses were pret-ty spendy in their day. And I scored it for $2.

Annndddd, I washed it in the washing machine, despite the Dryclean Only tag, without a snag in sight. Double score.

Images of Nasty Gal were on my mind upon purchasing.

And I don’t think the result was too terribly far off.

Okay, it looks nothing like the Nasty Gal blouse. Still, I love it.

Normally, I would have a tutorial about how I sewed my thrifted item into something fabulous, trendy and form fitting. Well, folks, I’m breaking the rules on the very first post. This item didn’t need any tweaking. So, let’s just pretend I didn’t mention the whole being accountable thing.

Check out my new Pin It button on the bottom of each post! Technology is rad.

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  1. Looks great!!

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