Projects. I’ve got about a million of them on the back burner. A reupholstered chair sits patiently in my garage for a new coat of laquer. A print has been designed, awaiting a screen to be burned on to. All the pieces of the Victory Roxanne pattern have been cut out of some awesome teal fabric.

This sort of blatant laziness, procrastination, and overcommitment would have sent me into a near tizzy a few years ago. I do not like unfinished projects. I don’t like the pressure of having too many things to do and no time to do them. I’m Type A…through and through. Damnit.

But I’ve noticed a gradual shift. In my life, in my actions, in the way people interact with me. Since this summer I’ve started to see myself relax a little bit. I never expected that to happen. I always thought I’d be high strung, emotional…and, let’s face it, a little crazy. But recently, I’ve taken more time to do the things I love, causing more projects to pile up. I’ve started to understand the how empowering it is to say no to doing things I simply don’t want to do. I’m in a good place…most of the time. Life is peaks and valleys.

It's okay to say no quote

I’ve started living in the moment. Not all the time. But it’s happening more often that I expected. And it’s fun! When I’m in the midst of the most enjoyable happenings, surrounded by the most awesome people, and I can think, “damn. I love what is happening right now”…that feels amazing.

wherever you are, be all there

So I’ll get around to my projects in waiting. I’ll have some transformations to show you eventually. But I’ll also try to feel less bad when I don’t post for a few days. Or when you haven’t seen a Sew Thrifted…for umm…months. Capiche?

One thing I haven’t done for nearly a month? Thrift! And savers is having a huge sale for MLK day. I shall be there with bells on. Maybe I’ll show you my haul?


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