I have been absent from this blog for awhile. It’s true.

But it’s not because I haven’t been sewing, writing and, in general, being completely preoccupied with the online sewing world. In fact, I have lived and breathed every element of handmade clothing for nearly six months. I have sent more emails to this network of creative makers than I ever thought was possible. And I have met some of the coolest people to date.


I’ve partnered with a rock star web developer to create a platform to take the frustration out of sewing your own clothes. We are pretty darn proud of the result. And today we finally get to tell you about it!

Take a look folks. Eat your hearts out. Indiesew.com is LIVE!


For the past six months my co-founder, Steve, and I have been conducting market research, coding a from-scratch website (him), talking to designers and sewing women’s clothes (me)…literally nonstop. It has been the most rewarding and terrifying six months of my life. And we’re ready to let our little baby take it’s first steps into the world. The first people we wanted to tell? Meadow Rue readers of course.

We invite you to head on over to Indiesew and take a look at the shop. Create an account and upload a creation to one of our patterns. Leave a review for a pattern that you’ve used. Send me an email at allie [at] indiesew [dot] com and let me know what you think about the site!


We have many, many more patterns and designers coming to Indiesew within the next couple of weeks. Below you can see a sampling of our current pattern lineup. Our goal is to create an online space you can read honest reviews on indie sewing patterns. You can view custom creations of patterns you might be considering buying. We hope Indiesew is a place where you come to connect with your online sewing buddies and make new ones along the way.


If blogging is what you came to Meadow Rue for, not to worry. Indiesew will be posting tutorials, style posts and general thoughts about sewing. You can read Indiesew just like Meadow Rue, by navigating to the site, in your feed, or via email.

Creativity and collaboration are the values that have driven the idea behind Indiesew from the beginning. We believe in making things by hand and supporting independent designers and business. We’re working to bring it together, by supporting small makers everywhere.


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  1. Yahoo! Congrats you guys! Excited to get going on Indiesew!

  2. Yay!! Nice work Allie!!

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