Projects. I’ve got about a million of them on the back burner. A reupholstered chair sits patiently in my garage for a new coat of laquer. A print has been designed, awaiting a screen to be burned on to. All the pieces of the Victory Roxanne pattern have been cut out of some awesome teal fabric.

This sort of blatant laziness, procrastination, and overcommitment would have sent me into a near tizzy a few years ago. I do not like unfinished projects. I don’t like the pressure of having too many things to do and no time to do them. I’m Type A…through and through. Damnit.

But I’ve noticed a gradual shift. In my life, in my actions, in the way people interact with me. Since this summer I’ve started to see myself relax a little bit. I never expected that to happen. I always thought I’d be high strung, emotional…and, let’s face it, a little crazy. But recently, I’ve taken more time to do the things I love, causing more projects to pile up. I’ve started to understand the how empowering it is to say no to doing things I simply don’t want to do. I’m in a good place…most of the time. Life is peaks and valleys.

It's okay to say no quote

I’ve started living in the moment. Not all the time. But it’s happening more often that I expected. And it’s fun! When I’m in the midst of the most enjoyable happenings, surrounded by the most awesome people, and I can think, “damn. I love what is happening right now”…that feels amazing.

wherever you are, be all there

So I’ll get around to my projects in waiting. I’ll have some transformations to show you eventually. But I’ll also try to feel less bad when I don’t post for a few days. Or when you haven’t seen a Sew Thrifted…for umm…months. Capiche?

One thing I haven’t done for nearly a month? Thrift! And savers is having a huge sale for MLK day. I shall be there with bells on. Maybe I’ll show you my haul?


Remember me friends? The talkative, random, sewing obsessed blogger you used to know? I’m here! And I’m free! Let the holidays officially begin!

It has never felt quite so good to have a semester behind me. While it was the hardest 1/4 of this MBA program, it was without a doubt the most satisfying. The hard work this semester will pay off…I can feel it. But that’s another post for another day.

fa la laMy suitcase is packed for my journey home tomorrow, and a cuddly Beagle is going to stay at his favorite aunt’s. I am bringing several projects, including some awesome turquoise fabric and a hideous black frock. Needless to say, things will be rolling your way soon folks.

In the meantime, have a most wonderful holiday season. Hug your loved ones and tell them why you’re grateful for them! See you on the flip side!


It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I am content as a sleepy Beagle. Five days ago, a ten hour drive dropped me at the doorstep of my home. Not my literal home. It was my sister’s and soon-to-be brother-in-law’s home in Bozeman, Montana. But, it felt like home. That city always does.

Three days later we ventured to a little town called White Sulphur Springs, for a quick planning session, photoshoot and so much good conversation. It felt so warm and welcoming. It was home.

Today, after four more hours on treacherous roads, I arrived at Swan Lake, Montana. The location where many a summer and almost every Thanksgiving is spent. This is home.

The Head and The Heart

None of these places are my actual home. I won’t be visiting the home I grew up in, the home my father inhabitated as a little boy. But my soul doesn’t feel empty. It feels full to the brim with the most wonderful energy from the people I care most about.

If I were to lose all of my possessions, my house, and my beloved iPhone, I would still have home. Because home is people, it’s all of those crazy, wonderful memories that return when you smell something familiar, it’s a feeling of total contentment. Home is a full and open heart. Home is a beagle, a roaring fire, and wide open blue skies.

I hope you’re enjoying home these holidays, no matter where you are!

Have you checked out Meadow Rue Men yet? If not, you’re missing out!

In my 5+ hours of school reading last night, I came across this lovely, little thought.

It makes my heart feel warm and mushy. And it affirms the fact that cultivating and nourishing friendships, and continually loving others ain’t never gonna be a bad thang.

Have you heard of Maslow? He developed a theory surrounding the hierarchy of human needs and published the paper in 1943. Sixty-nine years later, this stuff is still totally understandable and applicable to real life.

I have this thing for psychological research and theories. I cannot read enough research papers on things like human joy and fulfillment. I absolutely revel in understanding just a teensy bit more of what goes on in these ridiculously complex brains of ours. Maybe that’s why I love this lady so much.

Yesterday, I had my first PSL (pumpkin spice latte, if you’re not in the club) of the season. On ice. I’m pretty sure that’s considered sacrilege, but it was 85 degrees out. Just like Maslow’s quote, it also made my heart feel warm and mushy.  I’m telling you this because a double warm and mushy heart is the perfect thing to go love on other people with. Make a PSL date and nourish those friendships. Stat.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

Fall is here! Can we all please just do a little dance right now? Because, friends, it’s a celebration. No more fire of Hades heat blowing in your face. No more repeated applications of sunscreen. Deodorant isn’t totally mandatory anymore.

I have so many favorite things about fall. Here’s ten, because I know you’re so interested.

1. It’s my mom’s favorite season. That makes it awesome.
2. The colors of the forest set ablaze (not literally). That will never, ever get old.
3. The sun has actually set by the time I go to bed.
4. I can wear sweats to bed and sleep under the covers without waking up to moist sheets.
5. It’s football season, so nobody is trying to invite me to do things that involve being active on a weekend.
6. Crockpot meals and soup. Amen.
7. A full consumption of tea (~4 cups per day) is resumed.
8. Being able to witness the most spectacular sunsets, while you’re eating dinner.
9. Apples and pears. The best fruit of all.
10. Beagle can keep his tongue in his mouth on walks now.

Classes are in full swing and my calendar is once again filled to the brim! Some great blogging material (compliments of one, rather life-changing class) coming your way, so stay tuned.

It’s simple. Even, obvious. But how often do we forget these seven little words? In my case, too often.

Every week I try to find some words that resonate with me. And through reading, friendly discussions, or my many, many hours spent in Pinterest something always seems to tug on those heart strings. Nearly always, something makes perfect sense with my current situation. I think the universe likes to be sneaky like that, and once and awhile we are conscious enough to understand why a certain message is being replayed to us over and over.

This week? Nothing. I was far too deep in my own perfect storm of emotion to pay any mind to what Ms. Universe was telling me. I was in a funk. I blame it on being busy, and forgetting to read, and forgetting to be intentional. It is so easy to do.

But that’s why we start our week with some words right? Yes, I’ve fallen once again into a mini-pit of self pity. But I’ll get up one more time, crack some bad jokes to you guys, and go on my merry way.

Nothing like a little good energy to do just that. Check out my interview from the lovely ladies at the Denver Handmade Alliance. Feeling so wonderfully blessed, thanks everyone for the great comments!

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Hi friends! There’s something different about the blog today. Did you notice? I know, computers are hard. Let me walk you through some exciting new changes here at Meadow Rue!

First, look at the menus above ^^. They actually have content! Those pages will contain each and every Sew Thrifted post, Tutorial, and Words of the Week in one spot. Easy, and obvious. Sorry I’m such a late adopter to technology.

Now, look at the sidebar on the right >>. There are images there! And links to social media! I finally made a Meadow Rue Facebook page! The Facebook page will post a link to each new blog post, so you’ll never be out of the loop. Now, go like me, pretty please.

I had way too much fun this holiday weekend working on the blog. It was a major to-do item that feels oh-so-good to check off before school mayhem begins. And I am feeling over-the-moon flattered about how many of my current Facebook friends have liked the page and said such nice things. Thank you so much (you know who you are), it means the world to me.

Today’s Words for the Week is especially fitting for this blog, and also for life in general right now. I can’t contain my excitement for things to come in every area of my life. I know that this year is going to be the best yet, I can feel it.

Oh Jakob Dylan. He hides silently in my ipod and then pops up randomly on a current day genius mix. And I love this song despite being at least 5 years old.

Good things are coming. Can you feel it?

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Because who doesn’t need a quote like this to start out your week?

This quote is so profound to me, and even more profound after learning a bit about Viktor Frankl. The Holocaust survivor was a psychologist who studied Existential Therapy as a way to find meaning in every form of existence. My brain cannot even fathom what enduring the Holocaust could have been like. And to be able to find meaning and frame the experience in a positive light? Wow…just wow.

This quote came from this awesome book that I’ve been reading. It has been quite an eye opener for me, and has really changed the questions I ask myself. A highly recommended read if you feel like doing some deep soul searching!

I think I’ll make this a weekly thing, start each Monday out with a quote. Call it way to be intentional, maybe.

I will call it a way to waste hours in Photoshop.

Have a great week!