While browsing through some of the 5,000 photos that have quickly overtaken my laptop, I stumbled across a spring project I had completely forgotten about. The reason for my mind lapse? The final product of this shirt refashion is nowhere to be found. Yup, I’ve already lost this before and after.

I’m a little bit sad because this shirt would go perfectly with a red high-waisted skirt that I recently thrifted. I’m even more sad because I’m not sure I’ll ever come across a shirt as awesome again. She was, truly, one of a kind. I vaguely remember that I still needed to serge the unfinished edges of this shirt. And I just thought to myself, “If that shirt came back to me, I’d serge her right up and hang her in my closet. I’d take real good care of her.” Pathetic.

This button-up is a nice departure from cotton pearl snaps and men’s flannels. It was a soft rayon-type material, and was a women’s medium, so needed only minimal tailoring.

Another shot of the shirt with my plate! Remember this lovely evening with Judy Ericksen Larson?

My sister finished the platter in her kiln! The result is, well, rustic. Plenty of imperfections, but still something that I am so proud of.

The plate is in my possession. I’m sending out a search party for the shirt.