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Being a Beagle is hard work.

Especially when you’re surrounded by five girls. All day. Every day.

Five loud, talkative, shrieking girls. Five females who are rarely quiet and calm.

Being a Beagle is tough when your velvet ears get tugged on, day in and day out.

And when needy girls wake you from an afternoon slumber to smother you with kisses.

Being a Beagle is hard work when five females refuse to share a morsel of human food with you.

Being a Beagle is hard work, until you find a quiet gentleman man who has a lap that’s perfect for a 25 pound canine.

A quiet gentleman who doesn’t tug on your ears and shriek about how adorable you are.

Being a Beagle isn’t so bad when you find a gentleman who lets you lay your head on his shoulder, just five minutes after you’ve met him.

Being a Beagle is easy when you can peacefully dream about chasing rabbits with no fear of waking to a face no more than two inches from your own.

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  1. Too cute! Who is the cute gentleman that the cute beagle got to rest with?

  2. Just a random man that came into the shop the other day. So adorable.


  4. I think Buckley needs a toothpick. They’d be such cute matching boys. 😉

  5. Love how he nestled in to this stranger’s shoulder :)

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