Oh friends. I have such grand dreams. Such ambitions, but sometimes little motivation.

My life feels like a constant battle between what I should do and what I want to do. I’m letting go, more and more, of the shoulds, and embracing the wants. And trying to feel less guilt.

It’s working. Slowly.

Enter my new project.

I’ve had a grand dream for a while now. It was conjured up during a walk on a Hawaiian beach with my amazing little mama. It has been lodged firmly in my brain since that November day, refusing to leave. It feels less like a should, and more like a want. So I’m going with it.

It’s probably going to be hard. And frustrating. And I’ll probably think about giving up more than once.

But, lately I’ve been loving that little quote, “They didn’t say it’d be easy, but they said it’d be worth it.”

This is going to be so worth it.

Confused? Yeah, I figured. So here’s the scoop.

Starting today, July 1st, I will not buy anything newly manufactured, firsthand. No new clothes, no new sporting goods, nada. Clothes will be bought secondhand. Broken items will be fixed, rather than replaced. And for those items that I use so rarely, I will simply borrow them from friends or family. For 365 days. One year, folks.

Of course, there are certain items that will have to be bought new. So my small list of excludables is:

-Food: No brainer. And kind of gross to think about used food. This includes the beagle’s eats.
-Toiletries: Also a no brainer. This includes anything found in a typical girl’s shower or under her bathroom sink. For hygienic issues, obviously.
-New edition textbooks that can’t be bought used.
-Possible purchases for a new entrepreneurial endeavor next spring. These are even grander dreams that we’ll save for another post.
-Digital files: Music, audiobooks, movies. Because if I didn’t buy these firsthand, I’d be considered a criminal. And I ain’t no law breaker.

That’s it.

This next year will be full of craigslist scouring, ebay auctions, and lots of Facebook posts searching for items I need. I will be spending many hours in thrift stores, and many more hours behind my sewing machine. I am so excited. Pumped, one might even say.

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows though. I’ve quickly realized that I am going to have to plan ahead for EVERYTHING. And I don’t do that. Ever.

No longer will I be able to hop on over to Target for a cheap basic tank for a particular outfit. New climbing equipment can’t be picked up at REI on my way to the mountain. My dreams of a shiny new ipad? Out the window.

Why am I doing this you ask? Good question.

For starters, I spend way too much money on things I just don’t need. Having to spend several hours or even days looking for, buying, and acquiring an item that I deem necessary will force me to reevaluate a need versus a want.

Also, I’ve found my creativity repurposing thrifted items has, well, rather blossomed in the last year, contrary to this post. This challenge only makes me feel more inspired. This might be the year my wardrobe gets an overhaul!

I’ve received some mixed feedback about this project. People are skeptical. Most don’t understand why. At this point, this project is for me. My soul feels like it needs this. Something to call my own, and something that will be so gratifying.

That being said, I’d love some support. Can you do nothing new?




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  1. Wahoo! I am stoked to see how the year will go. I am inspired…I will make baby steps while you take on this challenge. I can’t wait to be back in Boulder and get sometime to create with you! Good luck!

  2. You can do it!!

    (Also, if you find a great modern dresser we can use in a certain bedroom in our house, lemme know!)

  3. This will be quite the adventure. You go, Al!!

  4. I just found your site…I’m already addicted! I love this idea and how you’ve transformed some less than flattering pieces is really inspirational. I have stacks of pants that are too big or long and just waiting to be skinnied. I’m inspired to actually give it a whirl. Keep on kepping on!

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