I’m going to apologize right away. I would love to tell you this is the last time you’ll see a before and after photo of a men’s oversized shirt. Lord, would I love to.

But, I know myself too well. And I know I how comfortable I get with the same old routine. I know how much I hate change. And when I find something I am actually half decent at? Well, let me tell you, I exploit that talent (if you can call it that) until everyone is begging me to please, for the love of all that is good, just stop.

It happened in high school when some fool once told I had a good singing voice. I’m sure my parents will never again be able to listen to a Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride without getting a little nauseous.

I swear, one day, I will change. Maybe.

Back to the shirt. Or shit. (Am I the only one that often reads “shirt” as “shit”? I swear it happens at least once per day.)

The really special thing about thrifting in the metropolis known as Great Falls, MT is the thrift stores are practically untouched. Not a single Portland hipster or tree hugging Boulderite has scoured those racks leaving the only the occasional pit-stained, torn, sad Old Navy rejects. No sir, these racks are bulging with authentic pearl snaps, lovely silk blouses and versatile vintage skirts. What’s even better, shopping at Great Falls thrift stores almost feels like stealing, it’s so dirt cheap.

This pearl snap had to be some cowboy’s favorite shirt. The back is at least a shade lighter than the front, and the arms are worn down to that soft, nubby feel of my favorite sheets. I like to imagine that it was worn by a rancher constantly on his horse.

It was probably worn by a porta potty maintenance man.

Because that profession exists…and it’s not a pretty one.

I’ve heard.

On Sunday, I’ll be announcing my new endeavor. It will be interesting…to say the least. Stay tuned!


I know. I’m terrible.

Leaving you all to wonder where I went for a month. With no warning. Without even a call to check in, or a text to tell you all was okay.

You’ve probably moved on, realizing my loyalty to consistent blogging is less than half-hearted. You were mostly right.

But wait! There was a perfectly good reason for my absence, I promise!

That reason was a little river trip. Just a little time on a little river in a little canyon with a little group of people. Nothing big, you know, besides floating 226 miles of the Colorado River in the GRAND CANYON!!!

16 days, 16 people, 4 rafts, 8 kayaks, literally tons of gear rigged and derigged daily. 2 full bottles of sunscreen, one turquoise long sleeve shirt worn every.single.day. No showers, no makeup, no repurposed flannel shirts.

This trip was the time of my life. Literally. Some of the best memories I’ve made in my 26 years. It was a vacation full of amazing people, the kind that make you laugh so hard it hurts…even the next day. It was the kind of scenery that literally leaves you silent, only because words do absolutely zero justice to its grandeur. It was hilarious, terrifying, peaceful and frustrating all at the same time. And I won’t hesitate to tell you that it changed my life. It did. For realz.

But I’m back! And I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. I’ve missed my blog, my sewing machine and my beagle baby.

And I have a new undertaking that I will be announcing very soon. I hope you can join me!